Checking In

I am technically on a mini-spring break vacation so I am trying to stay unplugged with varied success. Those darn smart phones!! Actually my smart phone has saved me with my white noise app, otherwise these kids would probably not sleep.

Anywho, I am in my favorite city on earth, Chicago, staying yards away from my least favorite place on earth, The American Girl store. Thankfully, my girls are oblivious to it, but I can’t help but wander by thinking how disgusting the scene in there would look to large parts of the impoverished world. Stepping down from that soapbox before a riot ensues.

In other news, I decided to take my kids to the zoo via bus. I love the Chicago bus system and when I lived here used it all the time. But I forgot about the occasional “colorful” person who hops on. Today we had a woman who looked like a typical Chicago housewife get on and eye my children wistfully. She offered them each a package of those florescent orange crackers, which we politely declined. She proceeded to yell, “More crackers for me and my wine, cracker and cheese party” and started manically laughing. She continued quite the conversation with herself until we rushed past her several stops later to get off. Good times.

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