Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

liarI used to subscribe to like 4 parenting magazines. I used to read every parenting book I could get my hands on. Now I write a parenting blog…….. even more amusing……people read it.

Back when I had just Lily and she was an uber picky eater (we have come a long way but she still kind of is) I remember reading over and over (and over and over) not to use food to bribe your children to do things. And not to use sweets to get your kids to eat healthy foods.

Three kids later and I want to know who the heck writes these “expert” articles. I would really like the mom who doesn’t bribe their kids with food to please stand up.

Need some quiet so you can get some work done? It is hard to talk with food in your mouth.

Need your kids to stop fighting? Hard to hit each other when they have food in both fists.

Want your kids to eat that odd unnamed food in your CSA basket? A cookie might help that

Need your kids to eat something, anything from the dinner you made tonight? Ice cream does wonders

*even better if you reward them with ice cream that DADDY takes them out to get so you can relax with a trashy magazine*

Ok before the bad mom police come out in full force, I am talking tongue in cheek. A little. I mean sometimes when you have exhausted your bag tricks, bribery is all we have left. Isn’t at LEAST 50% of motherhood about survival?

I absolutely love the new Hillshire Farms ad campaign because I can so relate to a mom who “cheats” a little bit so that she can do the things she wants to do. Who can’t relate to that?


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This is the final post of four sponsored post for Hillshire Farms. I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign but as always all opinions and stories are all mine.


  1. Guilty. But not consistent enough that my poor children can never figure out if they should eat because they are hungry, eat because they like it, or eat because I have a special surprise for them if they do.

  2. Wait, motherhood is only 50% about survival? Oh man, I must be doing something all wrong, cause I see it as 100% about survival. So long as everyone is alive at the end of the day, job well done. {I’m kidding… mostly}.

    I don’t always use food as a first bribe. But boy, I sure did yesterday. Mama needed a little down time. Take those s’mores and have at it. Just let me sit here for 5 minutes without “mama, mama, mama”.

  3. Thanks for keeping it real! Sometimes you gotta do what works ;) I understand your frustration… my oldest is a super picky eater as well. Except when it comes to marshmallows. :)

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