Cause this is better than anything I could write

popsicles.jpg I don’t have a lot to say tonight (shocking I know) so I thought instead I would share this post with you. This post was the winner of Scribbit’s February Write Away Contest and it could not be more deserving. Keep a tissue handy.


  1. Amazing how some of our smallest efforts can produce such huge blessings. Writing a letter is almost a lost art. I would encourage everyone who reads this to think of someone who needs a word of encouragement and drop them a note(not e-mail) Getting something personal in the mailbox can make someones day or change the course of a company!!

  2. Okay – you owe me a tissue! I loved reading this, it helps restore some thought that companies may actually read what their consumers say (or ask for). Thanks for the link!

  3. That is a wonderful story! Thanks for providing the link

  4. Thank you so much for the “link love” ! That was very nice of you to post… so glad you enjoyed it! :-)

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