Shopping Online with Groupon Coupons

I love to shop. Like I LURVE to shop. But I can’t tell you the last time I set foot in a mall. These days I do almost all my shopping on line. It kind of falls under #aintnobodygottimeforthat and also #whycanttheymakeflatteringdressingroomlights.

The thing I love about online shopping outside of the convenience is the deals. Obviously brick and mortar stores have deals, but I frequently find online deals are even better. Obviously there is shipping involved but these days you can find free shipping codes all over the place.

Did you know Groupon offers coupons for your online shopping? You do now! I have used Groupon to eat out, get massages and bounce at Skyzone. I have also used Groupon to book a bed and breakfast or hotels when I travel. But I must admit I had no idea thy offered coupons.

striped skirt

Check out this adorable skirt from J. Crew Factory. In this case, Groupon isn’t offering me a special coupon, but through their site I discovered that J. Crew Factory is offering 30-50% off dresses, skirts and suits. I don’t like having email sales alerts clogging up my inbox so I am happy to find all the sale alerts in one place.


Or let’s say I want to hop on the adorable trend of athletic inspired fashion. I’ve been wearing a lot of feminine dresses with cute tennies. These would be a great addition to my closet. And right now they are on sale at Famous Footwear for $10 off. But I can save another $9 with a code I found on Groupon.


Colbat is super hot right now and I love this pleated maxi from Express for a summer wedding. You can only get it online and wouldn’t you like to get it for 10% less? Use this coupon code from Groupon to get a deal?

Think you can spend $50 at Target.com? (I think it would be more difficult to spend LESS than $50 lol). Make sure you grab this code to save $5. Old Navy is knocking it out of the park with summer dresses right now and they are all on sale. Get an additional 25% off with this code from Groupon. Really, you name a store, they seem to have a coupon or sale alert.

I can’t say this is going to help my quest to spend less and accumulate more. Well at least it will help with the spend less part!!!

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Let’s Talk Banking


I just got home from a whirlwind trip out to Atlanta for the Mom 2.0 Summit.. It was lovely to connect with friends, lovely to connect with some amazing brands, but also so lovely to be back home with the people who love me.

Of course it doesn’t take long after returning home from a trip until you are forced to re-enter your real life. That part kind of stinks a little. Top on my to do list today was to attend to our banking. I am a bit fanatical about reconciling our bank account with our bank statement on the first of every month and here it was May 4th (Happy Star Wars Day!!) and I hadn’t done it yet.

I am not very good with all the money things, but I can rock a balanced checking account like no other. I have a crazy ordered system and everything must balance exactly and there may or may not be spreadsheets involved. Seeing everything add up and come together is my happy place.

After I balance everything out, I cross check it all with the budget. Ironically this is where fanatical organizing takes a bit of a detour. I get creative. I move things around. I fudge the numbers. Sticking exactly to a budget is not my forte. And for all my brilliance and balancing the account I sometimes feel like a failure that I have screwed up the budget numbers yet again. 

So true confession: Even as a “pushing 40” adult, I still feel like there is a lot to know and learn about banking and finances and money management. That is why I am excited to be participating in a one-hour Twitter chat, this Tuesday at noon, EST, to talk all about family banking habits. It will cover general spending and saving, banking products and relationships, budgets and more. (of course this Twitter chat won’t be about any personal and private information, just a general sharing)

Best part? You have the chance to win on of ten $50 Visa gift cards that will be given to randomly selected participants. To participate simply hop on to Twitter at 12 pm Tuesday, May 7th and follow the hashtag #LetsTalkBanking. You can also RSVP at Twtvite.

See you there!


Teaching Your Kids About Money

piggy bank

Summer of #unspoiling continues but I must admit I have become a slacker on some days about keeping up chores and consistency. I am finding myself longing for the organized days of September because keeping a routine and schedule in the summer is just plain hard.

Today we hopped back on the chore wagon by making my girls clean out desks and drawers, hunting for things off their school list. We found about half of each of their lists so that is a major win. And it also confirmed my suspicions that when I ask Lily to clean her room she really just shoves everything in her desk…..

One of the major things we are cracking down on as part of project #unspoiling is stopping the constant asking for things. To be taken places, to be bought stuff and to be given treats every time they take a breath. The problem is they are used to these things (well not “quite” those things) and going backwards is pretty hard. But we are committed.

As I have said before, one of the most eye opening things for me ever since I read the article that took me on my #unspoiling journey is how much “spoiledness” lives in my own heart. And one of the biggest ways I see this is how I struggle with needs vs. wants.

I need a pedicure, I need a new dress (with nowhere to wear it), I need new bedroom furniture. Truth is I need none of those. I want them though. And somewhere in me, I feel as though I deserve them. Deserve them just for living and breathing I guess. Because life is hard and I am living a good and kind life and DARN IT I deserve it!!

So should it shock me that my kids can’t tell the difference either? They need whatever toy they just saw a commercial for. They need dessert. They need to go to Chuck E. Cheese. “How come we have only been to Disney once?????” Oh the depravity.

I think part of the problem is parents who need to hold a tighter line (i.e.. me). But I think part of the problem is my kids don’t have a good grasp on money. We keep saying that our kids need an allowance and we very very inconsistently give them one, but we need to be more purposeful about it.

PNC Bank has developed an awesome learning tool to help teach your kids about money, earning, saving,  and spending. Best part is it does it at the level of a child’s understanding. Cute cartoons, easy to play games and best of all, watch videos from Sesame Street. You can even order a kit (in either English or Spanish) for some hands on learning. Concepts that are perfect for your preschooler.

It is all part of PNC’s “S is for Savings” account for kids. I will be telling you more about their actual account program in a later post but for now, check out their resources. I think it is going to be a good first step for us in teaching our kids about money.

How do you teach your kids about money?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by PNC Bank. As usual all opinions are mine.

DIY Frugal Makeup Remover

DIY Eyemakeup Remover

The advent of Pinterest has pretty much made me want to make everything from scratch. Cause if it can be made from scratch, you can find the way to do it on Pinterest. Not only is it more frugal to do so but it is a way to get all the chemicals and junk out of your stuff. And I am a big fan of that.

One of the things I have always hated spending money on is eye makeup remover. It costs a lot. But is a total necessity if you are lazy like me and forget to take your eye makeup off before you go to bed. I wake up looking like a major raccoon.

Who knew you could make your own with a few simply ingredients I totally always have on hand.

DIY Makeup Remover

inspired by Pinterest

1 c. water

1 1/2 T baby shampoo

1/4 t. olive oil (or coconut oil)

Combine ingredients and stir. Pour into a container. I recommend shaking the container each time you use to mix everything together. Apply with a cotton ball.

So easy and it works so well.

What DIY household product have you had the most luck with?

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Holiday Fashions for Less From Sears

Things I learned while crafting this post: I can’t take a good picture to save my life. There isn’t a single room in our house that has decent lighting. Don’t take “fashion” pictures at 8pm when you are tired, all your makeup has worn off and your hair is totally flat. In other words, there is no danger of me ever turning The Diaper Diaries into a fashion blog.

BUT when you are asked to head to Sears and purchase “holiday looks”, you don’t say no despite your photgraphical challenges. Because there is nothing I love more than a shopping challenge. So this weekend armed with $75 and my favorite fashionista (Lily) I ventured to Sears to see what I could put together.

Here are my top ten favorite holiday outfits from Sears compared to splurges I could have gotten elsewhere.

  1.   ok so this really isn’t a “holiday outfit” but I wore it to the Kindergarten Christmas party today with a green scarf (that didn’t make the picture because it has chocolate all over it #occupationalhazard) and thought I looked rather elf like. But I love that I can wear it all year long. {Shirt}
  2. jcrew oh look. Almost the same shirt. For over double the price. SCORE!! {Shirt}
  3. again, not holiday per se, but this just makes me want to snuggle by a fire. I think it would be perfect for traveling by car or by air. Or for a family Christmas. {Sweater}
  4. cardigan Here is a similar look that is quite the splurge. {Sweater}
  5. I have been dying to get a maxi skirt for quite some time. But haven’t really found one I love. This one I spotted and immediately grabbed hold of. I am not sure what to put on the top. Ideas? {Skirt}
  6. maxiskirt I kind of dig the stripes on this much pricier version, but I am loving the brown in mine much more. {Skirt}
  7. For quite some time I have wanted to get a sequined tank. I tried on several at Sears but this one won out. I am not sure I love it with jeans. Would black pants just be too black? I think this is the perfect tank for New Year’s Eve. {Tank}
  8. sequin See I am enjoying it with the skinny black pants. But I am not enjoying this price. {Tank}
  9. And now is the point where I realize there are supposed to be 10 things, but I only have 8.
  10. And now is the point where you forgive me.
    Please check out Sears for all your holiday fashion needs. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

I received a gift card to purchase holiday styles from Sears as part of the Glam Trendsetter Program. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sears. This post is linked up to Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda!