What I’m Reading

I think this is a dead on description of marriage:: Is This What Love Looks Like?

Speaking of growing old together, this was super touching:::

This right now. So. Much. This::: The Physical Ache of Babies Growing Up

This post was so sobering. I long to be free of the suffocation of “stuff”::: 21 Surprising Statistics That Reveal How Much Stuff We Actually Own

Chewing on this one a bit::: Nothing Doing

What I’m Reading

Yes to all of this::: The One Thing I Want My Children To Know When They Leave Home

What a cool perspective::: Following Well

I really loved this post and think we all can relate in some way::: When You Think You Are Too Much

Such an encouragement to me::: When You Feel Overlooked or Forgotten

So much truth here::: 17 Modern Myths That Are Making Motherhood Miserable

What I’m Reading

Can’t stop thinking about this one::: What We Consume Determines The Lives We Live

Love the encouragement of this post::: That Time Wes Sang & Why We All Need You

After I struggled with anxiety I started doing this as well. Love this perspective::: I Ignore The News to Stay Sane as a Mom

Speaking of anxiety, I absolutely love this perspective from one of my favorite bloggers (who only blogs about once a year now)::: A Thimbleful of Steadfastness

What I’m Reading

How much longer must I wait Lord until Jen Hatmaker realizes we should be best friends??!!!::: What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside)

I have really been struggling with a friendship that ended, but this was so healing for me to read::: When Friends Aren’t Friends Forever

So grateful his legacy lives on::: 10 Mr. Rogers Quotes You Need to Read

This came across my path at the perfect time:: What Will You Leave Behind

I love this blog so much::: 9 Easy Ways to Become Unsatisfied with Life

What I’m Reading

I love this so hard::: Let Us Pray

So much truth here::: On Choosing My Husband Daily

Along the same lines with a different twist::: How I Saved My Marriage

Fascinating::: What It’s Like To Go Without Complaining For A Month