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augie1.jpg Just got back from my 10 year college reunion. Yes, I am that old. I am pretty sure that the school has started admitting 12 year olds since I left cause that is how old all the students appeared to be. The only thing that made me feel better was that I got carded at the local college hang out. I am pretty sure the bouncer just took pity on us.

Anyway, I really enjoyed connecting with some old friends. I even discovered one of them is a Diaper Diaries lurker. So M, hello, and leave a comment already. If any of the rest of you have swung by to check out my blog, welcome. Hope to see you at the 15!


  1. Alright Martha I am finally leaving a comment :)
    It was nice to see you again. Hopefully it won’t be another 10 years before it happens again. We left around 11:30. I looked at my watch and was like “yeah I am done”. I felt old too. But I had a great time. Hope your daughter is feeling better. And I’ll be sure to start leaving more comments. How about some advice on how to not clean a house EVERYDAY???? I’m so bad with organization. Talk to you soon!

  2. Ok, Martha, I left a comment and it didn’t show up! :) It was good to see you. Hopefully it won’t be another 10 years. We left the bar around 11:30. I was tired and feeling kind of old…. To be young and have energy again. I had a great time and am feeling the consequences today. I just can’t hang anymore. Take care and I’ll be sure to leave more comments!

  3. So it did leave my first comment. This is weird. I feel stupid now and this is probably why I don’t leave comments in the first place :) Later!

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