So we are a few months into the school year and the whole 8 am school start time does not seem to be getting any easier. Nor does the bus seem willing to drive out of it’s designated route to specially come pick up Lily. Some nonsense about being out of district.

So occasionally I will drop her off at school dressed less than to the nines. OK, so sometimes I drop off in my pajamas. Without brushing my teeth. Or my hair. Cause drop off involves driving around a traffic circle, letting out my cute little 5 year old, and going on my merry little way. With no one the wiser that underneath my coat are pajama bottoms and an old ratty t-shirt.

Until Thursday. When after dropping Lily, I heard from the backseat, “Mommy? LaLa’s cackers.” Which translates in Hannah speak to “Mommy, Lily’s Lunchable is sitting on the seat next to me instead of in her backpack.” Good thing I am fluent in Hannah.

So I am faced with the horrible choice of being seen in all my morning glory or causing my first born to starve her way through school. But she still has a snack right? And some classmate will surely take pity on her and throw some food her way. Or at least her teacher. Either way, school is only until 3, and I can swing by Micky Ds on the way home.

Well I am sure you know what I did. I held my head high and marched into the school to give Lily her lunch. Or, more accurately, I ducked my head and hurried down the hallway hoping no one would recognize me. Of course, I passed a few well dressed mommies and her teacher on the way to deliver her lunch. Then again, as any mom who has been through birthing a child will tell you, dignity pretty much goes out the window the moment labor begins. I wonder if it ever comes back?


  1. I was driving my high school freshman over early this morning. I don’t normally have to take anyone to school in the mornings. We get about half way there, I glance in the mirror, and oops. Yes, I had forgotten to brush my hair and apparently I slept standing on the right side of my head so I’m not sure it would have even helped. I just kept hoping no one would see me. Good for you taking the lunch in!

    debbies last blog post..I’m fashionable and I don’t have a backache

  2. I only shower on Saturdays. So, sorry everyone, but wysiwyg.

    Jennas last blog post..Book Review: In the Shadow of the Sun King

  3. I understand! I used to drop off my son all the time in my pj’s. Sorry you got caught this time!

    Nancys last blog post..Our Pre-Holiday House Party

  4. I always drop my daughter and son off in my pjs. Getting up three kids, dressing them and feeding everyone so we can get out the door is soooo time consuming that I run out of time for myself. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who does this!

  5. Rachel says:

    I don’t think it ever comes back.

    Rachels last blog post..Because I Just Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

  6. LOL I have had those days!! Not latelly since I walk my children to school. So I have to get dressed in the mornings. Been there done that!

    Tiff@Three Peass last blog post..In the Shadow of the Sun King

  7. The day my kids’ preschool went to a curbside drop-off was one of the happiest of my life!

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  8. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten dressed to take my daughter to school! Well, except for the first day! But I only live, literally, 30 seconds from the school. You can see the playground from my front yard. What’s the point? I’m just going back home to bed anyway!

  9. So glad my husband takes Ethan to school. Otherwise I’d be in jammies too!

    Esthers last blog post..Not Me! Monday

  10. From a gal who’s been a mother for seven years, I can tell you that the dignity never comes back. And in fact, if it begins to creep back in, then your son will helpfully push it back out the window when he leaves you hanging mid-pucker by refusing to give you a kiss when you drop him off. Not that I have any personal experience with that, you understand . . .

    jubilees last blog post..Monday (A)Musings

  11. You just described my attire every morning.

    There is no shame.

    We are THAT familys last blog post..A Gift that Tastes Like Chicken

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