Something happened today that made a whole lot of stuff worth while. I was so shocked when it happened my stomach did flip flops. And honestly I am still kind of processing that it happened.

If you have followed our foster care story (check out Love Wins and Grace Begets Grace for the back story), you know that the biggest challenge so far has been my relationship with our baby’s mom. To sum it up in a few words: I have a hard time showing her love instead of judgment (that might be the most succinct I have ever been).

But today. TODAY. Today I got this note.

foster letter

I cannot tell you what this meant to me. Even looking at it now, I well up with tears. To go from a place of picking apart every move I make to this statement is monumental to me. Monumental to our whole family.

There is a whole lot of stuff about the foster care system that is not in the best interest of the child (despite the fact it promises to be). There is very very little about the foster care system that looks out for the best interest of the foster families.

But working together to parent this beautiful little girl is absolutely in the best interest of us all.

Thank you so much for listening and supporting us through this journey. I love that I feel like we have a community of cheerleaders have our backs. Seriously. It means the world.


  1. You rock. I’m adopted, and want so badly to foster, but cannot b/c I know what my (adopted) mother went through with my biological mother. I’m just not there right now.
    Stephanie :: Evolved Mommy recently posted…NWA Mom Prom: Bedazzled fun for a good causeMy Profile

    • It is super challenging and a journey. I am finding that the journey is mostly teaching me about myself. Which is honestly very unexpected.

  2. Yes! So amazing to see this transformation. Win win win!
    Amy Tilson recently posted…Battling Back From Un-FineMy Profile

  3. That is amazing Jill. I honestly and truly believe that the success of this situation can be squarely attributed to YOU (and your family of course). YOU are making this situation work for everyone involved. That little baby and her mama are so lucky that they were paired up with you.
    Jen recently posted…Katelyn – Two Years OldMy Profile

  4. Oh man, I just discovered your blog (From tweet stalking you while at Blissdom) and I wish I’d met you and known about your foster care story. Fostering is a dream of mine. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job balancing all the awkward aspects of it.

  5. So happy for you, Jill. This is such hard, good work that you’re doing.

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