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Wine. The nectar of the gods. And by far my favorite alcoholic beverage. My love for a nice glass of wine runs deep.

When I say “nice glass of wine” I rarely mean expensive. On a rare occasion we will spring for a pricey bottle, but most of the time we go cheap. And truth be told often times I buy things because it has a pretty or funky bottle. I love my wine, but I am probably not the most sophisticated wine drinker around.

That being said, Ryan and I did go to Sonoma last year and learn a lot about different varietals. And we have definitely tasted our share of wine. Actually wine tasting is one of our favorite things to do when we travel. So I do know a bit of which I speak.

Brancott Estate

I was recently sent samples of Brancott Estate Flight Song’s Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. Over the holidays we had so many occasions where it was appropriate to bring wine and I was a little nervous to bring an untested wine to a party, but I took a little risk.

I definitely like red wines better than white but that is because, in my opinion, cheap white wines are often way too oak-y and sulfite-y for my taste (see how sophisticated I am?). But I was so pleasantly surprised by this wine. Both were very smooth with delicious fruit notes. I especially loved the Sauvignon Blanc and could totally picture myself enjoying it on my patio this summer with a delicious grilled chicken.

As I researched a little more and discovered that Brancott Estate was the first to plant and create the world’s first Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine. So it doesn’t surprise that they are doing it so well. Their Pinot Grigio was delightful too, in general I just prefer Sauvignon Blanc, but if you are more of a Grigio girl, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Everyone who sampled both wines agreed, they were very tasty. 

Now here is the thing about loving wine. If I love wine too much bad things happen. I mean obviously bad things happen if you drink too much in one sitting. But bad things also happen if you spend your summer nights sipping wine on the patio night after night. Bad things happen to your waistline. Again, I know of which I speak. #sadbuttrue

Well with Brancott Estate Flight Song, you can worry a bit less. Containing 20% less calories than other wines, you can treat yourself without breaking your new year’s resolution. Cause I can’t imagine making a long term weight loss plan that doesn’t involve the occasional glass of wine.

I am so excited that I have found this new brand of wine in Brancott Estate Flight Song. It is affordable, it won’t kill my calorie count for the day, and most importantly, it is delicious! The wine trifecta!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your excellent blog. I’m going to try and find a bottle of this tonight.
    My favorite wine comes from a small winery in Napa Valley called Bennett Lane. They have both excellent whites and reds. My favorite is their red Maximus its a real nice Cab, Merlot and Syrah blend. If you are interested you can visit http://www.bennettlane.com for fast shipping.

    Thanks for Sharing the post.

  2. Marlborough Sav Blanc is my favoritttte. Yum. (I don’t drink reds, so that is the height of my sophistication.)
    Jessie Weaver recently posted…What I Read: December 2014My Profile

    • If you like Sauvignon Blanc you should try Turn 4 Wines. Turn 4 wines is one of my favorite! Their Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon are packaged in Aluminum bottles. It’s great because you can take these aluminum bottles places that regular glass wine bottles cant go ex: Pool, Golf Course, Camping etc…. Their website is http://www.Turn4.com :)

    • I love Sav Blancs. They are always so crisp and refreshing!!

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