Brain Chase- All You Questions Answered

It’s June 2. Do you know what that means? Only 22 days until Brain Chase starts!!

I know I have been sharing lots of posts about Brain Chase. And I know you might be wondering why I’m talking about it again. Well a lot of questions have come up since we started this conversation and I want to make sure they all get answered so you don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity.


  1. What if we go on vacation/ camping/ overnight camp? All of Brain Chase is done online. Your child can complete the work whenever, wherever, and in whatever order your child wants. You can complete math, language and reading assignments on tablets. (For the writing assignments, it’s recommended to have a desktop or laptop available.) While you can’t work ahead, you can catch up on work as soon as you return back home.
  2. How much time does each week take? I really don’t want my kid on the computer all summer. Each weekly lesson takes approximately 5 hours to complete. You can complete the 5 hours per week for 5 weeks in any way you want. Some weeks you might do an hour a day. Some days when you are losing your mind because it has been raining for three days, 5 hours on a computer might just sound like perfection. Your call.
  3. There are three kids in my family. Is there a discount for multiple kids?  While the first registration is $199 for the first registration, each additional sibling is only $100. Brain Chase also no has a premium pricing package ($249 for the first registration, and then $149 for each sibling). The premium package includes Brain Chase registration plus a Brain Chase-branded adventure backpack, a Brain Chase t-shirt and Sunstone of Cortés patch.
  4. Okay I signed all my kids up, can they all work together? Each child will have their own learning problem tailored to them. They will each complete their own weekly work. But they are allowed to collaborate to solve the treasure hunt. Of course only one of them can win the $10,000 scholarship.

Any other questions? What are you waiting for? Sign your kiddos up so we can start the trash talking about this treasure hunt. And by that I mean encourage our kids to keep up their summer learning. Of course.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and Brain Chase. 


  1. I am having trouble getting in touch with a person at Brain Chase. I have sent three emails so far without a response. I signed up my first child and my other child wants to sign up as well but I can’t figure out how to get the sibling discount. Any ideas.

    Thank you,

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