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goals The lovely ladies over at Savvy Blogging (seriously some of my most favorite bloggity friends) have encouraged bloggers to write out their blogging goals for 2010. I must admit I haven’t really thought out goals for my blog before. The fact that anyone besides my mom reads it equals major success in my book. I am not one of those people who always wanted to be a writer and is looking for a book deal. I never really fancied myself much of a writer at all. So this has been an interesting exercise for me to do. So without further ado, my blog goals for the year:

  • Community: Over the last year I have gotten so active over on Twitter that a lot of times that has been my source of blogging community even though I know a lot of my readers aren’t on Twitter and a lot of my Twitter peeps don’t read my blog. So I want to get back to engaging with my regular blog readers. And I want you all to engage with each other. So I have installed a new little feature where I can reply to your comments directly on the blog. You can even comment on other people’s comments. Hopefully that will help us feel a little more connected.
  • Social Media: In that same vein, I would really like to continue to grow over on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you are already following me in both places, but if not please do. I find even more of my personality is able to come through when I tweet and it is really a great way to build community. No measurable goals here on how many followers I want but I just want meaningful community.
  • Demographics: For a while now I have been wondering who you all are. Sooner rather than later I really want to put together a survey finding that out. I think this will help me better tailor my product reviews and contests to ones you will really get excited about.
  • Reviews/Contests: On that note, I think I got a little crazy in this area last year and truth be told reviewed some products and did some giveaways that weren’t a great fit for my blog. I want to be a little more selective this year and work with companies and products I am really passionate about. For the most part I do this, but I want to be even more selective and not get distracted by the lure of free stuff and fun giveaways. Also I want to try my best to limit these to once a week. There will be exceptions, but that is my goal.
  • Things I Love Thursday: When I started writing this every week, it was just my way of sharing products I loved with you. But at the encouragement of some readers, I made it into a weekly carnival. It has been really cool to see people become regular participators and read what you all love. I have even started regularly using some products thanks to you. I would love to see this grow to a consist 30 participants a week. The only way this is going to happen is if you all keep participating and make sure to link back here and use the button. And then please, please, please visit each other’s blogs. I really want this to be a traffic booster for you guys so I hope that will happen even more in 2010.
  • Balance: The internet is a black hole that sucks me in way too often. I just spent 2 weeks nearly unplugged and it was nice. I will never give this up because it fulfills a creative need for me and provides a teeny tiny bit of extra cash, but I need to pull back on my internet time. Last year I stopped blogging on the weekends and that was lovely. This year I hope to add a fun little Sunday post that I am blatantly ripping off from my bloggy friend Amanda, but will maybe explore building up a stock of posts for when I am busy or using guest posters and trying to stay off Twitter during the day. Whew, that will be a toughy :)

Wow, now they are all out there and you are totally allowed to call me out on them. You know what I would REALLY, REALLY love though? Your feedback on what you would like to see over here at The Diaper Diaries. I am totally open to feedback. Let’s test out this new comment thingy and start a dialogue. Also, if you want to write goals, head over to Savvy Blogging tomorrow where a bunch of bloggers will be linking up. Either link up yourself or check out what others are saying for inspiration.


  1. Hmmmm…I would love to manage to blog at least once a month. I’ve managed 3 entries in the last 18 months as it is.


  2. Great post, it really got me thinking! I really want to try to post a few times a week, so far I’m 3 for 3 (well I’m almost done with today’s!)!! Things I love Thursdays sounds like fun, I’ll try to join you!!!

  3. Great idea to sit back and think about what your goals are! Maybe I should give that a try! It will be fun to look back next year and see if I did them!
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..Fun With The FLIP! =-.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of product reviews, so I’m all for keeping it to once a week. I hope you don’t mind me saying so! I love Things I Love Thursday, though – and I’ll be playing along as usual! :)
    .-= Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect´s last blog ..You know, that show with the girl with the dark hair? =-.

  5. I think those are great goals & I think you will do great by them! I’ve been wanting to get involved in Product Reviews and Giveaways – But I do not know where to start…any heads ups? I will continue to come by your blog as I love your Thursday Carnival! :)
    .-= Meg @ Just Another Manic Mommy´s last blog ..Friend Makin’ Monday – Favorite Pictures =-.

    • If there are companies whose products you are passionate about why not contact them and ask them if they want to partner together. I have done that tons of times and am rarely turned down.

  6. I have lots of projects too, and also find the internet to be a bit of a “black hole” sometimes. It’s so fun to talk to people all day, isn’t it? And like the others, I also love carnivals! Lots of great info to share and find!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Cookbook Project =-.

  7. ooooh I LOVE your new comment system. I think this will definitely help your “community” feeling. :)
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..The Requisite Resolutions Post =-.

  8. oh! I should also say that (since you asked) my favorite posts that you write are the ones about your family and expriences as a mom. Sometimes you can sneak a little of that stuff into your carnival-type posts, but I love mondays the best, when you tend to just write what’s been going on with you. I think that kind of writing should be the MEAT of this site. You’re so funny and such an encouragement to all us readers, and it’s that kind of content that keeps me coming back all the time. :) Good luck with your resolutions!!
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..The Requisite Resolutions Post =-.

  9. I agree with Erin- you are funny..I love reading the posts about your family. I am doing the same thing with cutting back on reviews, etc unless they really are a fit for my readers.
    .-= Melissa Multitasking Mama´s last blog ..Focus for 2010 =-.

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