Celebrity Blogger Stalking- Works For Me Wednesday

WFMW I was searching through old Blissdom posts this week and came across this one and it had me giggling. I know all my readers aren’t going to Blissdom, but hopefully you can find the humor in it either way. And for those that are going to Blissdom, give me a shout out in the comments so I can make sure we meet. This will be your official guide to stalking me. Or maybe I will use it to stalk you. You just never know….

You KNOW you know what I am talking about. If you have been reading blogs for 5 minutes, you have bloggers you idolize. They are your must reads. The ones you tell your friends about. The ones where when you comment and they respond, you squeal, show your hubby the email and save it in a folder marked awesome so you can pull it out and look at it on days when your traffic is low. No? You don’t do that? Yeah……me neither…..

Blogging conferences are the perfect venue for “in real life” blog stalking. But you TOTALLY don’t want to seem like the nerdy band geek (no offense to any band geeks, I was in show choir) going up to the head cheerleader and making a fool of yourself. You have to play it cool and act like it is totally natural to be meeting the first blogger you ever read who gets like 2 million hits a day.

The nice thing about Blissdom being my third blogging conference is that I knew a lot of people going in. So I was a teensy tiny bit less nervous this year about hanging with the big dogs. A little less. I even knew some of them before they were celebrities.

Here is what you must remember. Celebrity bloggers put their pants on one leg at a time. In the case of Scribbit, my new bloggy BFF, she puts her very, very long legged pants on one leg at a time. Oh and when you see your bloggity idol, you should avoid saying things like, “Wow, your really tall.” Um, yeah.

Look for an in. A better in than “OMG, I totally have read your blog forever and I am so excited to meet you!!!!” as you run and tackle them. I prefer a tweet:


I like a bit of subtlety. Keeps them guessing. Good thing is, my subtlety worked. I totally got to hang with Scribbit. And she was delightful. And gracious. And humble. Which made me love her more. And I didn’t make a fool out of myself. Much. Hopefully.

For more (and more helpful) tips, head over to We Are That Family (another celebrity I TOTALLY know and hang with ;))


  1. Oh, I love your tweet! Such a funny post!

  2. celebrity? You’re hilarious.
    The last 3 weeks at church, several random YOUNG moms have asked me if I’m a blogger.
    I totally lied.
    Not really, but seriously? so awkward. Would rather go to the dentist!
    Time to find a new church!
    kidding. sort of.
    We are THAT family recently posted…Benefit Day- The Vintage PearlMy Profile

  3. Love this! I have a few that I’m hoping to stalk, um I mean meet (!) at Blissdom next week – whee!! I believe you and I met briefly at BlogHer ’09… but I’m excited to see you again. And I was in show choir too… :) Can’t wait for Blissdom – YAY! :-)

  4. Thanks for the advice! Hope to meet or stalk you there…you can decide :)

  5. One of these days, probably right after I win the lottery, I’ll get to go to a blog conference and make a complete fool of myself in front of bloggers who I stalk. When that day comes, and if you turn around and see this weird redhead ducking behind trees and possibly big bags of bloggy loot, please know that yes, I am stalking you, and that you have arrived.
    Wendy recently posted…Think these are still goodMy Profile

  6. I love me some Scribbit too. she’s the real deal….

    and you get to hang with me…that should keep you in awe all the way TO nashville and home.

    lisa @thebeadgirl recently posted…Monday Musings- Its What is on the INside That Counts!My Profile

  7. Thank you for this post! I’m worried I’m going to do exactly what you’re saying not to do! I am so excited about Blissdom next week and even more excited to meet so many awesome bloggers!:)

  8. Hilarious. I’ll be at Blissdom – I’ll be the one with a giant (maybe too giant) smile on my face and being 6 feet tall. If you want to come tell me that I’m really tall, I’m totally okay with that.
    Amanda recently posted…WFMW- When Legos Were My NemesisMy Profile

  9. I will be there! I’m actually rooming with two of my celebrities — eek! I’m completely freaked out and nervous!

  10. Amy @Deals For Dayton says:

    So excited to meet you next week! And if you find me watching you in your sleep….well, I just like to check on people when they are asleep and make sure that they are breathing. ;)

  11. You crack me up every time I read. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a blogging conference… I’m already hooked on this blogging thing as it is (and I just started)…

  12. I remember the first Blissdom you were at, I was working the registration table when you walked up to get your badge and I was all, ‘”OMG! YOU’RE JILL OF DIAPER DIARIES. I LOVE YOU!”. I could tell that I kinda startled (or maybe scared?) you by my exclamation but you recovered very well and were so kind and gracious!

    I still do that though…guess I need to work on a more subtle approach. I should try your Twitter trick. ;-)
    Malia recently posted…Weekly Winners- January 9-15- White Birthday EditionMy Profile

  13. So who are you stalking this year my dear?
    Staci Brown recently posted…5 Minute CakeMy Profile

  14. Hi! I’m a new reader and friend of @wholefoodsgal:) I love your blog. You crack me up! Cheers:)

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