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blissdom So I am not going to lie. I have been sitting here staring at an empty blog post for nearly an hour. Cause there is no way to capture the weekend I just had. And I am dreading trying. But enquiring minds want to know so I press on.

You know what is amazing about the blogging community? Because a lot of us spill our souls for the whole internet to read, when we get together it is like reuniting with an old friend. Who you never met, but an old friend none the less. And let me assure you, these were some of the most delightful women I have ever met. And not a diva in the bunch. Well that isn’t entirely true, but I could spot them a mile away and avoided them like the plague.

I hesitate to name any names because I know I will leave out a whole bunch of fabulous blogging women and that would bum me out. SO I will just say generically, that you were all lovely. Seriously, every single one of you. Although you, right there…you were my favorite. But shhhhh, don’t tell.

Do you want to know the second I started realizing that I was going to love this weekend? When I got into the very first session. I looked around at all these wonderful women (with a few men sprinkled in for good measure) and nearly every one of them had their laptop open. And then I pulled up Twitter, and all of them were Twittering about what was going on. And if you don’t know what that mean, that is fine  Cause a whole lotta people in my life don’t know what that means. But I do, and sometimes having people look at you like you have a third eye when you talk about your love of blogging, Twittering, and all the things that go with it gets a little old. But these women? They get me.

And there is just something about the safety of that, that allows you to completely be yourself. Do you know how hard that is in a room full of women who you don’t know? Now, I am not going to lie. I agonized over my wardrobe, over packed in a ridiculous fashion and worried about my hair throughout the conference, but if you know me, you know that IS the real me. But all the other stuff we women do when we meet new women, I just didn’t feel the need to do that.

So there were amazing panels that I know will help me grow as a blogger, cocktail parties complete with Blisstinis and karaoke (I did a mean rendition of Respect), a pajama party, a dinner out on the town with some of my new best friends (not sure that they know that, but that is irrelevant), a morning walking around downtown Nashville with some more lovely ladies, and more laughter than one person can handle. Oh, and some great food and swag. And a million other things I am forgetting. But what I will remember is an incredible group of bloggers who instantly made me feel like I belonged. And that is more than worth the price of admission.

P.S. If you feel so inclined to vote for me over here as your favorite mommy blogger, I would be so grateful. And send you virtual chocolate :) Thanks in advance.


  1. I totally agree that it was “IMPOSSIBLE” to recap and do it justice. Great to meet you!

    Alyssa @ Life from my Laptops last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  2. I love that instead of writing my own Blissdom post, I’m reading about how hard it has been for everyone else to do so. Procrastination is a close friend.

    So wonderful to meet, sing, and laugh with you. Thanks for the memories Anderson.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could have gone…there’s always next year!

    Jessicas last blog post..Memory Lane

  4. Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt says:

    That teeny tiny hang-out time during the writing panel WAS NOT ENOUGH!!! Oh well, maybe next year. :)

    Moriah @ Please Pass the Salts last blog post..Because nothing says ‘stay warm’ like a freezing bowl of ice cream

  5. LOVED meeting you! You are so sweet! Can’t wait to see you again soon. BlogHer?

    Shashs last blog post..There was NO Grace in Today

  6. Yes-how amazing to be around a bunch of women who really understand the hows and whys of blogging and each other!! So glad you had a great time! Thanks for coming!

  7. WOW. not even a mention. i am so taking the pic of us off of my post!

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..So Much Bliss, So Little Time

  8. i’m so glad to hear that you had a good time!

    Natalies last blog post..A Monday Meme

  9. you were so smart not to name one single name…so smart. When I posted mine then there were about ten other people I felt bad about not mentioning but
    I didn’t have a picture of them. I have heard such great things about you, but there were so many bloggers that we just didn’t get to meet everyone…bummer. :)

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlams last blog post..Blissdom update

  10. I knew it! I AM your favorite ;) LOL!

    So glad you had such a great time. I feel exactly the same. What an amazing weekend!

    Jyl (Mom It Forward)s last blog post..Mom It Forward’s Mother of All Giveaways!

  11. So glad that you had a nice time. I am hoping to make it to BlogHer but I totally feel like I came to the party late. :( You gals all seemed to be having such a nice time.

    Upstatemomof3s last blog post..Tackling Love in a Marriage

  12. I love reading about everyone’s trip to Blissdom. It does sound wonderful to be with a bunch of people who “get you”. Glad you had a great time!

    Nancy M.s last blog post..Warning: Crazy Lady with Gun

  13. I love it when I meet people who “get” me! I can’t wait till next year – I am SO there!!


  14. I’m going to start saving my pennies now. I so want to go next year. I’m hoping hoping hoping to go to She Speaks this year.

    I’d love to meet you. But not in a weird, run the other direction, stalkerish sort of way. :)

    Fiddledeedees last blog post..Size Matters

  15. glad you had a nice time! i’m living vicariously through those of you who were able to attend :-)

    MommyNamedAprils last blog post..1990.

  16. That was you singing Respect? You go! Next year we should have an Aretha’s Hat award for best Karaoke performance.

    Poppy Buxoms last blog post..OMG! Lourdes looks so much like Madonna.

  17. I totally loved meeting you. You are just ADORABLE and girlfriends got a set of pipes! Big hugs from Texas, can’t wait to see you next year!

    PS: Also, congrats on summing it all up so succinctly, mine turned into a small novel…ugh!

    The Stiletto Moms last blog post..Blissdom ‘09 Recap…I Spent Two Days There But You Can Experience It In 1291 Words!

  18. You nailed it! :-) And I am SURE I missed someone important in my slew of links. I REALLY enjoyed getting to know you. You are one of my new favorite bloggers!!!

  19. I’m glad I got to share a table with you and yes you are too hot to use a cartoon avatar girlie!

    As for the diva comment – yea, ditto. One of them looked like she really needed an orgasm.

    Other than that, everyone I met was so real and open and fantastic and friendly.

    Like you!

    Carrie at NaturalMomsTalkRadios last blog post..Chain of Command

  20. well said! and you my friend….were one of MY bilssdom highlights! look forward to lots of coffee, and twittering and yada yada yada’s ahead!

    lisas last blog post..Heart Disease Awareness Necklace with hammered sterling silver links and garnet chips GO RED

  21. I love hearing about Blissdom – what a GREAT community and how awesome to be where people “get” you. Thanks for writing this! I want to go next year!!!

    Debbies last blog post..TA-DA!!! Tuesday

  22. you’re definitely my favorite mommy blogger. you seem so… approachable. even though you’re slowly but surely becoming a Big Deal.

    glad you had fun!

    Erin Gs last blog post..Facebook’s 25 Things Meme

  23. It was AWESOME to finally meet you – seeing as how you live so close. Weird I had to go to Nashville to meet you! And my goodness, much RESPECT to your rendition of “respect”. That was awesome!

    (And my BD post will come eventually… Hard to write, for sure).

    Sarahs last blog post..Here I Am, Writing A Teaser Post.

  24. Sarah @ Short Stop says:

    I bet you brought it in karaoke! Wish I had time to sing anymore. Miss it. Would LOVE to rock out with you sometime! :)

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time! I bet everyone thought you were adorable!

    Sarah @ Short Stops last blog post..You’ll Never Go Back To The Microwave Stuff. Ever.

  25. It really is truly impossible to do Blissdom justice, isn’t it? I like the way you describe it because it did feel great to fit in no matter how different we all may be. We all share that love of twittering and blogging, and such.

    Jessicas last blog post..Nash-tastic

  26. Wasn’t it fun?

    I LOVED meeting you and hanging out!

  27. I think you did a fantastic job of summing it up. I had to delay my recap for a few days for the same reason as you.

    I wish I had gotten a chance to meet you.

    Kates last blog post..13 Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me

  28. Glad to hear you had such a great time. I am trying to not be jealous because God would frown upon that.

    OK, I am about to show my ignorance here, but what is a swag?

    jubilees last blog post..(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The Fashion Edition

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