Blissdom Re-Entry


I am home from my fourth Blissdom. Every year, I think it can’t get better, but this year it topped them all.

Blissdom is my happy place. It has been my happy place for the last four years. I don’t know what it is about the end of February (who am I kidding, I know EXACTLY what it is- dreary, cold, Michigan winter days), but I always come to Blissdom slightly empty and come home very full.

Full of ideas for directions I want to take this blog. Full of business cards from bloggers I am newly inspired by. Full of swag from amazing sponsors (and seriously, this year the sponsors were better than ever). But mostly full from time spent with the friends who live in my computer.

I am still basking in the Blissdom glow, pausing the Oscars every few minutes to tell Ryan something else that happened, something else I learned, or someone else I met.

So you know what happens when you go to a blogging conference that is filled with some of the best speakers you have ever heard talk on blogging? You come home with some thoughts. Some thoughts on your blog. So I am going to try and pull those thoughts together and tomorrow I will share them with you. I might be wordy. You have been warned.

But tonight I will snuggle with my husband who took care of all three kids AND managed to keep the house pretty darn clean while doing it. And while I do that, you should check out just exactly how he masterfully managed his time as Mr. Mom over at For Better and Worse. I may be biased but I think he is quite brilliant.


  1. Everyone has been saying how good it was, looking forward to your post.
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