Binge Watching- Mom’s Turn #StreamTeam

Do you have a list of shows you want to binge watch? I keep one in the notes section on my phone. We won’t discuss how long it is. What we can discuss is how every time I read something about a show everyone is buzzing about, I add it to the list. It is how I found Friday Night Lights and Parenthood and How I Met Your Mother and Scandal. I need to catch up on Scandal (got sidetracked by White Collar), but the rest I binge watched beginning to end. Thank you Netflix.

So often my Netflix posts focus on what your kids can watch. But don’t you deserve a little downtime at the end of your days. Maybe with a nice Cabernet? This month, let’s discuss the most binge-worthy shows you are missing on Netflix. Got your notepad ready?



Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time

Gotham: Season 1


The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

The Blacklist: Season 1-2


Grey’s Anatomy

Grey s Anatomy

The League: Season 6

The League



Every one of these minus The Walking Dead (can’t do zombies) and Grey’s Anatomy (gave up on that show when Christina left) is on my list. Which one of them should we watch next? Which one is on your list?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I received a year long membership to Netflix in exchange for these posts. All opinions are mine. 


  1. Christie says:

    The league is hilarious. You really need to watch from the beginning to understand a lot of the jokes (I didnt, and my husband has to explain some things to me when he’s cracking up at something that didn’t seem funny to me).

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