Big Week O Change

summer This is the time of year where it seems like everything is changing. School year changes into summer vacation, cool weather changes into warm (sometimes several times an hour here in Michigan), structured days turn into mad chaos. Around here, it is no different. I can’t believe how many momentous occasions we have packed into a few weeks. First my anniversary, then my niece is born, Hannah turned 3 on Friday, Lily has her last week of school this week, and this Friday…this Friday we get to see our little peanut for the first time on the big screen.

Hannah turned 3 with her usual attitude. Joy, joy, joy. To quote my father in law, Hannah can cram more fun into a short period of time than anyone I know. She didn’t get any presents on her actual birthday because her party wasn’t until Sunday, but my mom gave her a card. She carried that card everywhere she went on Friday and had to have thanked my mom at least 10 times enthusiastically for it. I started to wonder if I even needed to get her a gift. She continued through every birthday celebration with the same unabashed love for everyone and everything involved. Her Elmo party at Chuck E Cheese was a bit hit and she told me right before she fell asleep in her little speech delayed way, “Mommy, thank you for my party. It was the best day I ever seen.”

I can’t believe in one week, Lily will, for all intents and purposes, be first grader. After a lot of prayer and anxiety over whether to send her to Kindergarten this year and where to send her, our decisions have been confirmed time and time again. She was blessed with an amazing teacher and we continue to be impressed with her school. She has really thrived there and amazes us all daily with all that she is learning. And frankly, I am less impressed with her academic progress (which has always been impressive, she outsmarts most of us most of the time), but the maturity in which she handles situations at school. Now, if only she would show us a little more of that at home :) My babies are growing up to fast. Anyone know how to slow down time?

Although, if you are slowing it down, could you please wait until after Friday. We are so excited to see this little one giving me all this heartburn, headaches, nauseousness and back pain. Hopefully he/she will cooperate and do a little in-womb spread eagle for us all so we can start planning. I would tell you my instincts, but they are all over the place and frankly never right anyway. I can’t wait to share the news with all of you, but you will probably have to wait until Tuesday because I have something grand planned for Monday.

Life is spinning by me, but in light of so much bad news in the actual news and what seems to be all around me, it is nice to take a moment and reflect on the abundance of joy and blessing in my life. The end of the school year just seems to be a time for reflection doesn’t it. I would encourage you to do the same.


  1. Very sweet post!! And very true:)

    mandis last blog post..Aunt marguerite’s spinach dip

  2. congrats on your little girl’s third birthday.
    My birthday is just 3 days before my little brother’s, and he turned 4 this year. Since I’m married and gone and the month was busy for us, my family celebrated my birthday at the same time as his. He was SO excited to share a birthday with big sister :)

    Have fun seeing your littlest!!

    Lanas last blog post..Can you believe it?

  3. I call another girl.

    And sweetie, can I just express my deepest sorrow for you that your weather is JUST NOW getting warm? It baffles me why people live anywhere but the south. we do get all four seasons – but just a tiny enough taste of the crappy ones to make us remember why we love warm weather. :)

    Erin Gs last blog post..Who Wears it Better?

  4. You are very blessed indeed! Great post, can’t wait to hear what you’re having.

    Eos Moms last blog post..Blitz It Friday

  5. I tried the putting-a-brick-on-the-head for awhile and it didn’t seem to work on the slowing down process. just gave the kid a headache.

    and congrats on the little guy!!

    jeans last blog post..through the years

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