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Holiday weekends are about spending time with family and I am trying to stay as unplugged as possible this weekend. (with the exception of Pinterest. Darn it, I can’t quite you Pinterest!)

So I thought on this holiday Monday I would recap some of the most popular Marriage, Unwrapped posts in case you missed any of them.

  • Love Is…..
  • Love is an emotion, and I don’t know about you, but my emotions seems to change from time to time. Some days they change from hour to hour. So basing a life long marriage on an emotion seems like a dangerous proposition.

  • The Other Proverbs Wife
  • Is it possible that the reason God took such care to talk about the nagging wife because by nagging we are slowly chipping away at our marriage

  • Marriage First, Kids Second

  • No husband should ever be made to feel like a second class citizen to his children. Husbands shouldn’t have to beg for our attention after we shower all our love and affection on our children. God doesn’t command us to become one with our husband and then when our kids come along become one with them too.

  • When Intimacy Is A Bad Idea
  • These emotional affairs used to be limited to when a spouse had close contact – those in offices or with neighbors, but now the stakes are raised with the rise of social media. Never has it been easier to track down an ex on Facebook with harmless intentions and suddenly find yourself growing closer and crossing boundaries you shouldn’t be crossing.

  • Submission is Not a Four Letter Word
  • To me, my role as a “submissive” wife is one of supporting and respecting my husband. I think most wives would agree that we want a husband who is a leader in the household. But are we letting our husbands lead?

    And one final brillaint piece of advice from the hubby:

  • Be Awesome 
  • …..you’ll just have to click on that one. Which you totally want to because there are unicorns. UNICORNS.

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