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Let’s start with an irrelevant side note. Searching for baby pictures to put on my blog is making my uterus hurt. I am powering through it though. Somebody tell me I should be done having kids. Quick.

So last week I talked about some of my baby tips and you all left some awesome baby tips of your own in the comments. Seriously, go back and read them, cause they are good. And overwhelmingly you all gave the reminder to trust your instincts and parent in a way that is best for your family and not anyone else’s. Best. advice. ever.

But you may recall that last week I participated in a chat with Heloise at The Motherhood and she shared some great tips that I wanted to pass on to you. Partly because I really did think they were genius. And partly because it is one less WFMW tip I have to come up with myself. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you may recall I enjoy the lazy.

1. Dealing with Kids’ Boo-Boos: Heloise recommended using a red washcloth, which shows no blood and using tiny frozen fast-food condiment packages as ice packs. I thought this was crazy brilliant. Then in the chat, Brandie suggested filling cloth bags with flax and lavender and putting them in the freezer. They feel good on bruises and small injuries and have a nice scent that can be calming.

2. Ways to Organize Kid’s Things: Heloise suggested putting complete outfits, underpants and all, in a large zipper bag. On the weekend, put together a week’s worth to save stress and time on hectic mornings.
I have heard of doing this when traveling but never thought about doing it at home. It would be perfect for when you leave your kids at home with the hubby or grandparent and run off to a blogging conference. Either way, I need to get back to using my clothing organizer method.

3. Keeping Track of Bath Toys: Heloise says to corral them with a plastic colander or mesh vegetable bag, which go right into the tub and allows for easy drying. “This Mama Loves” suggested putting them in a lingerie bag, zip it and put it on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Avoid squirty bath toys or toys with holes, which are harder to clean and sanitize. Personally they all give me the heeby jeebies. But these are great ideas.

4. Maintaining  the Peace During Naptime: Various members of The Motherhood said that when the baby is sleeping, you should put a note on your front door that says, “Do Not Disturb, the baby is napping” to prevent people from ringing the doorbell and waking him or her. Don’t you just want to KILL the UPS guy when that happens.

5. When Heloise invited the community to  share their best advice for new moms, everyone overwhelmingly said, trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to come up with your own rules. Just like my brilliant readers said last week.

My favorite piece of advice from the chat came from Heloise at the end. “My mother, the original Heloise, started a mom’s community back in 1959 with her newspaper column. She told her housewives, ‘I love you, and you’re not alone’." Advice I need to hear on a daily basis.

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  1. On Tip #4 = Yes, putting a sign out that your baby is sleeping helps. People don’t know what’s happening inside your house, so it’s not really their ‘fault’ when they innocently ring the bell. But stick it over or near the doorbell iteself if you can, since people tend to look/reach there first. I’ve also used a small fan and a sound machine to help block out noise too, they work great!
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  2. Our last house had no door bell. Woot! But, we still made it a rule to not even knock on the door while the girls were sleeping, because our dog would always bark. It it was friends, I’d tell them to call me first, then I’d let them in, or to just walk on in – because for some reason, the dog wouldn’t bark if they just walked in – great watch dog I tell ya.
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  3. Definitely agree with the note on the door when naps are going on… I try to turn the phone down/off, too, as it seems someone ALWAYS calls when I’m rocking the youngest to sleep.
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  4. LOVE the note on the door idea! I’m like, Why didn’t I think of that?!? My kids are older (6 and 9), but my oldest has special needs and epilepsy, so when she’s “napping” after a bout of seizures, the note on the door would be fabulous. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I always felt like people thought I was crazy because of my sign about not ringing the doorbell. I would keep it on the inside of my door and move it out every day. When the tape stopped being sticky, I’d just add more.

    I wish I had checked in last Thursday. It sounds like we have been home around the same amount of time. My daughter just turned 7. I only have two kids but have watched others since she was very little. Like you, I feel like I have many tips to share. Even if I had checked in I wouldn’t have been able to submit many tips because I was so busy getting ready for the slumber party we had Saturday night. (Which is why I didn’t blog much last week or check in here last Thursday.) Anyway, here are a few of my tips:

    Diaper changing:
    I found that if you fold a babies legs and hold them with one hand you can keep them from being able to reach into their messy diaper and still have a hand free to clean up a messy bottom. I have pictures here:

    Bib and washcloth storage:
    I have always had several kids here at lunchtime. I needed a place to store bibs and face washcloths while they dried and to keep until the next time I needed them. I used Command hooks to keep them out of the way. I have pictures here:

    I have so many more to share. Hopefully you’ll do another baby or kids tips link party. I’ll keep checking back.
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