Best 2012 Golden Globe Fashions

In another life I would be a fashion blogger. I love fashion. Love looking at it. Love shopping for it. Just don’t like posting pictures of myself IN it. And I have an accessory disorder. I stink at accessorizing.

So instead I READ fashion blogs, buy fashion magazines and sit through extremely boring award shows drooling over high fashion. Just for fun, I thought I would give you my top ten picks for best dressed at the Golden Globes.

  1. ReeseWitherspoon-GoldenGlobeAwards011512_052916 Reese Witherspoon: Ever since her divorce from Ryan Philippe it seems Reese has made it her mission to make him regret it. She looks amazing. Her bedroom hair, the red and that dress that fits her like a glove. Well done Reese.
  2. SofiaVergara-GoldenGlobeAwards011512_085940 Sofia Vergara: When you have curves like her, show them off!! Navy is one of my personal faves for black tie affairs. The detailing on the bottom of the dress is just stunning. And apparently 5 MILLION dollars worth of jewels is the proper way to accessorize.
  3. kate-winslet-290 Kate Winslet: Another woman who doesn’t hide that she is a little curvy (well by Hollywood standards, she is probably a size 6). I love the simplicity of this dress while at the same time being insanely classy. I can almost forgive her the fact that she is dating someone who changed his last name to Rocknroll.
  4. CharlizeTheron-GoldenGlobeAwards011512_052848 Charlize Theron: Aside from a really unfortunate choice for the Oscars one night, she really can do little wrong. And while I am normally not a fan of plunging necklines like this, she somehow makes it look tasteful and elegant. I think she looks like modern “Old Hollywood”.
  5. JessicaAlba-GoldenGlobeAwards011512_052900 Jessica Alba: I hate including a woman who gave birth 6 months ago and looks like this. But she is really too darn cute to hate. And this dress is just beautiful. I love the banding around the waist and the flowing train. Nice work Jessica!
  6. EvanRachelWood-GoldenGlobeAwards011512_063027 Evan Rachel Wood: I know this dress is a bit on the odd side, but since Evan Rachel Wood is a bit odd herself I think she totally works it. Those are real feathers on the bottom. She looks like a beautiful peacock.
  7. NicoleKidman-GoldenGlobeAwards011512_075402 Nicole Kidman: This is another one that is a bit different. But the fit is amazing and with her red hair the gold detailing just works. Plus Nicole has never been one to play it safe when it comes to fashion. Makes me wish I was a little more risky (not that yoga pants with worn out elastic aren’t risky…..)
  8. zooey-deschanel-290 Zoey Deschanel: Apparently I am drawn to the different. First of all I adore her. And her quirky little self needs something a little different. Plus her nails were painted like tuxedos. Adorable.
  9. jane fonda Jane Fonda: ok this woman is 74. Seventy- four. Sure she probably has had a bit of work done, but she makes the list anyway. Cause she is 74 and looks this good. Nuf’ said.
  10. emma-stone-290 Emma Stone: I saved the best for last. This dark burgundy dress is just beautiful. I love the belt, love the Grecian look and love the little cap sleeves. She is always one of my favorites on the red carpet, especially for a newbie. Just love it.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Who were your favorite fashions?This post is linked up to Top Ten Tuesday at Oh Amanda.


  1. Ivy looked at the TV and said, that blue girl is you! (Sofia Vergara) and I’m like BLESS YOU CHILD. I think that dress was my fave, also I’m a Kate Winslet fan through and through.

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  2. I must have been missing something, because I hated Reese’s dress. I was afraid she was going to trip in that mermaid thing and her bosom was going to fall right out. (But Laura @ Hollywood Housewife agreed with you, so I guess it’s me.)

    The rest of those I loved too, though. I hated Zooey’s hair but the dress was great for her.
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…Let It RiseMy Profile

  3. I’m digging your list until about 6. I would add Claire Danes. I really liked the cut & the simple black/white like Kate’s dress. Glad Angelina’s not on there. Everyone was googoo-gaga over it & I just didn’t like it! It looked a tad bit prettier when she was standing up, but sitting down it definitely didn’t work – I think the contrast of colors was way too much.

  4. I think there is too much hip in Reese’s dress. Sofia Vergara’s is stunning. I confess to clicking through the 82 pictures on Yahoo yesterday to see the best and worst. I do not understand why so many women opted for the nude color dresses–totally unflattering on so many of them.
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  5. I am also not a huge fan of the plunging neckline, but you chose some delightful dresses!!
    Kay recently posted…Another Top Ten QuotesMy Profile

  6. I hate to say it because she can act like such a snow queen, but I thought Angelina Jolie was stunning on the red carpet. How does a pale woman look so good in white? Sheesh.
    I also really liked Natalie Portman and Claire Danes.
    Ami recently posted…Because I am a mother…My Profile

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