Bedtime Routines

bedtime.jpg My husband and I have a pretty good system down for putting Lily to bed. I usually start the process at around 7:30. We start with a trip to the potty and the brushing of teeth. Then I read her a bedtime story of her choosing. The hubby usually joins in at this point and we do a short bible study and prayer time. Then I depart to clean, organize, surf the web and the hubby finishes up with some cuddling until she falls asleep around 8 or 8:15.

Tonight I needed a serious break from child rearing so I let the hubby do the whole routine until I joined them for prayers. When I got in the room, the two of them were giggling about, what else, farting. Lily was making up some jokes that were so unfunny, they were funny. It was already past 8 and the hubby had forgotten the potty and teeth brushing (not the hubby’s, Lily’s) . Lily was impossible to settle down for prayers so they consisted of, “Jesus, I just love you so much for everything!” said in a very strange cartoonish voice.

Lest you think I am criticizing my hubby (oh, who are we kidding I am just a little), I am glad that sometimes he reminds me that I need to be a little more silly and a little less rigid with the bedtime routine. The fact is, I am the one who pays a high price when the kids are overtired, so I am a bit of a nazi about naps/bedtimes. Still, there is something about hearing a 3 1/2 year old tell a really bad rendition of the only 2 jokes she knows and listening to her laugh hysterically over bodily functions. Thanks for the well needed lesson, hubby o’ mine-less bad guy, more silly mommy (but tomorrow you better have her in bed on time…just kidding…a little).


  1. Farts can be very funny!! Loosen up–no pun intended–well maybe it was intended!!

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