Because I am watching Lost right now…..

I really wanted to get a post done ahead of time because I knew tonight would be completely and TOTALLY devoted to Lost. But I spent the weekend in Chicago celebrating my adorable niece’s first birthday. So instead I invite you to read two guest posts I have recently done that I am actually quite proud of. Oh and if you are a Lostie feel free to discuss your thoughts on the finale in the comments. *sniff* It’s almost over. *sniff*

I am weaning my youngest child this week. He is 6 1/2 months old and has been nursed exclusively since birth. So as you might expect, he isn’t really into taking the bottle. My husband has tried. My dad has tried. Finally yesterday after a lot of patience and effort my mom got him to take 4 ounces. And I squealed in celebration. Then promptly started to cry. (Read more of my article about how you know when you are finished adding to your family over at Sprout for Parents)

I am in a book club. It isn’t as much of a book club as an “excuse to get out of the house without kids, drink wine and talk with your girlfriends” club. Sometimes we barely mention the book. I do love that it has reconnected me with a long lost love- reading books, but I love even more that it keeps me connected to women who stand taller than 3’5”. (Read more of my article on the importance of female friendships over at Born Free Mom)

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