Be Awesome- What Your Husband Wants You To Know

Clearly the fact that he is so humble is part of the reason I keep him around……or maybe it is his ability to make me giggle. Enjoy!

Since very few of you know me in real life, I should inform you that I am AWESOME. Better-than-a-gravy-bowl-full-of-melted-Godiva-dripping-off-your-chin-awesome. And humble. But every few years I like to cop a little ‘tude to help remind Jill of my humanity and this past week was one of those times.

The story begins this past winter. Jill and I were at a charity event and I managed to score a phenomenal deal (or so I thought) during the silent auction for a rental home up at a gorgeous lake in Northern Michigan. We’d been looking forward to it for many months and I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but I was not expecting an aged cottage that hadn’t been deep cleaned since the Bush administration (Sr, not Jr). Nor did I expect upstairs bedrooms with unpainted drywall, no working smoke alarms, and no air conditioning on 90 degree days. On the upside, I had been hoping for a herd of framed unicorns to grace the walls of the master bedroom, and I was not disappointed.


awesome unicorn decor


why use a headboard when you can put a shower curtain on a box spring?

Long story short, I was very bummed, and I was complaining a LOT. My wife, however, was un-phased. She kept smiling, found gorgeous beaches for us to explore each day, kept the kids excited about our time away together, and she did so while I continued to complain incessantly. All of this from a woman who has repeatedly told me that she won’t swim in un-chlorinated water or camp in any dwelling less than a Hampton Inn.

So you can guess what a transforming effect her attitude had on me, right? Wrong. I generally kept up my grumbling for the rest of the week. However, by Wednesday I had begun to really enjoy the time with Jill and the kids and I had internalized my grumbling instead of expressing it in front of them. And by the drive home, I was asking the Lord to help me appreciate the breadth and depths of the blessings that I often take for granted and to forgive me for my lousy attitude.

Looking back, it would have been really easy for Jill to pile on when I started complaining and if she had said “we’re out of here” I would have had the car packed in twenty minutes. Instead she simply saw a better way to handle things, and she clung to a higher standard without making me feel badly about my attitude. She was AWESOME. If you caught Jill and my recent appearance on Fox 17 Grand Rapids, you may have heard Jill and I say that great couples bringing out the best in each other. My take-away from this week is that likewise, a great spouse doesn’t let the worst in the other bring out the worst in them.

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  1. This IS awesome! Unicorns AND relationship genius! This is such a good lesson. When my husband gets in a bad mood, I usually let it get me down, start harping on him, then start complaining myself. Rock star! Thanks for being a good influence, Jill!

  2. What a great point. I’ve found myself trying to do the same and it is so hard to not say “STFU and deal!” Great job, Jill.

  3. Unicorns??? Who thought this was an auction-worthy cabin? I mean, who says, “You know, we have this old, dirty, crazy-decorated cabin. I bet someone would LOVE to stay here! And pay good charity money for it!” ???

    However, I have to admit that this post – funny as it is (and IT IS) – is really convicting to me. I have NOT been bringing out the best in Mark and have definitely been bringing out the worst. He’s so tired lately and is a total grouch on the weekends – our only real family time. Instead of being like the awesome JILL, I have been a total…um…NOT JILL. Complaining and whining and yelling, surprisingly, has NOT helped matters. I am going to remember this post next weekend and take a different approach!

    Great post, Ryan.

  4. I think your wife had a great attitude about the whole situation! :o)

    My husband would have done the same — complained incessantly. However, I probably would have only made him endure a little bit of the “torture” before just giving in and going home.


  5. You’re both awesome. And in a world that tells us we have the right to complain about everything, you both gave the world the proverbial bird.

    I’m sure the framed unicorns provided just enough romance for the week too. :)

  6. I appreciate your message in this post, but I also appreciate the ideas! We have been looking for a headboard, but really, all I need is a shower curtain! Thank you! :)

  7. Wow- what I want to know is why you were hiding those gems on Pinterest? I don’t recall seeing them on your boards. What else are you holding out on us :)!

  8. Is that a cat crate for a bedside table??? Not the Trump, huh? :0

  9. What an inspiring post! We’ve been in transit for the last month- set up in temporary housing while we are relocating. I, uh, might have been complaining a bit lately. Thanks for reminding me to be awesome.

  10. Seriously, unicorns in the master bedroom???? All sorts of weirdness….but think how very memorable this trip will always be! And……you got a whole post saying how awesome you are. :)

  11. I will never look at unicorns the same….

    Kudos to you, Jill. I’m sure my husband and I both would have grumbled and stomped and sucked it up for an okay week, but the positive attitude would probably have been lost on both of us.

  12. i love the message of this post. and it sounds like your wife is pretty awesome. :)

  13. Awesome is as awesome does. The unicorns, the shower curtain, and especially the attitude — all awesome.

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