Back to School With Mabel’s Labels

Back to school photos are peppering my Facebook stream. And although we have a week and a half left before we start, we are getting ourselves organized. My back to school shopping is done and let me tell you, I have found the secret to school supply shopping and keeping my sanity. Leaving the kiddos at home. No more “I want this color notebook” and begging for all sorts of unnecessary things they are convinced they MUST HAVE. I simply took the list, got the stuff and came home.

Then comes my favorite part of school supply shopping. Labeling everything. #nerdalert And for as long as I can remember that task has been helped immensely by Mabel’s Labels.MabelsLabelsLogo

What I love about Mabel’s Labels is that once those babies go on, they seriously aren’t coming off. I have things we have used for several years that still have their labels on them. And they have labels for your every back to school need.

I was sent the  Stylish Scholars Combo and chose the “Lining Up 2” pattern. I always pick our last name for the labels so I can spread them out of all my kiddos. But if you did first names you could probably get a couple of years use out of them because you get so many labels!!

teeny tags

Silas will be sporting a teeny bag tag on his Angry Bird Star Wars backpack as he heads of to Young 5s. I love these to label backpacks, lunchboxes and athletic bags. (You can’t tell but there are some cute stripes in this design).

Round Labels

First of all can we just talk about this adorable whale pouch? Lily sewed it this summer at a sewing camp and I could not love it more. We definitely don’t want this baby getting claimed by anyone else. So I slapped on this round label and it stuck even though it was on a denim fabric.

Skinny Minis

These Skinny-Minis are my favorite. I can label every little marker, pen, and pencil. Few labels are that small and actually stay put. My kids are constantly claiming their supplies are getting stolen and begging for new halfway through the year. I am hoping these will cut down on that.

The Stylish Scholars Combo also comes with Tag Mates which are perfect to keep uniforms, art shirts and sportswear (and laundry safe). I am also a huge fan of their shoe labels which seriously don’t come off even in sweaty, nasty gym shoes. They don’t come in the Stylish Scholars Combo, but you can order them separately or as part of the Ultimate Back to School Combo.

You still have time to get your Mabel’s Labels because their shipping is crazy fast. Make sure to get some before your kids go back to school!!

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