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If you are checking out my blog for the first time from Fox 17, welcome! If you are a regular reader, I had the privilege of going on Fox 17 on Monday to give my best back to school tips. I got some great feedback from my readers on Facebook and added some of my own wisdom. I will post the link in this weekend’s link roundup. But for now, here are my top ten tips for getting your family ready to head back to school (mine start back TOMORROW!!)

  1. Move Up Bedtime: Get your kids back to an early bedtime and an early rise time. This is so hard when it is still really light out outside. My kids are nearly impossible to get to bed. But we try. We really, really try.
  2. Re-establish Routine: Summer means pajama days. Staying outside until 9:30. Going to BBQs and skipping nap time. It is just all willy nilly. Try and get some sort of schedule going on so your kids get used to a routine.
  3. This Means You Too: Yes mama. You need an early bedtime and early rise time too. Ugh. That is NOT what I wanted to hear. Or type. Or whatever. Your days of sleeping in and staying up late watching The Food Network are over. Sorry.
  4. Do What You Can The Night Before: Pack the backpack. Make the lunches. Lay out the clothes. Anything you can do the night before, do it. Morning are crazy. Try and keep the crazy to a minimum.
  5. Morning Routine: This year I bought chalkboard wall decals to stick to the kid’s doors. I am going to write out their morning routine on them so the kids can see what is expected of them before they come downstairs. I am desperately hoping this cuts down on the yelling up the stairs while I am frantically trying to get them out the door. Hopefully this will also cut down on the road rage as I am driving to school after leaving 10 minutes late.
  6. Brush Up On Skills: Actually do this all summer. Especially if you have kids who struggle with certain subjects. Make sure you read throughout the summer. Look around for ways to do math problems that are fun and make use of everyday occurrences. That way you aren’t starting over from square one when the school year starts.
  7. Don’t Forget Your Mabel’s Labels: Seriously. Get them
  8. Front Load Your Summer: I know I know. Summer is almost over and you want to cram every single thing possible into the last few weeks. But while you should DEFINITELY have some fun enjoy some downtime too. Mostly so that you can do all of the above.
  9. Don’t Overschedule: If I may step on my soapbox for a moment. We need to let our kids play. We need to have dinners as a family. We need to let our kids have time after school to rest and relax and unwind. Limit your kid’s after school activities. In our family they get one activity at a time. They don’t always like it but it makes our life far more manageable.
  10. your Turn: MOST of American is already back to school. In Michigan we only get 3 months of gorgeous weather so we want to make the most of them. But I know many of you have awesome back to school tips. Let me hear them in the comments. Don’t be shy!!

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  1. Great tips. I really like the chalkboard wall decal idea to list the kids’ chores on. So neat! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    Great tips! This would be a perfect post to link to my Back to School Traditions link up!

  3. I hope Back to School goes well for you guys, I’m sure it will after looking at your tips! We are homeschoolers, but most of these apply to us too.

    …especially mama not staying up late. Boo!
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