Aw shucks

Tiffany over at Life on the Road gave me a couple awards and tagged me for a meme. I have already done the 7 random things meme. So I am just going to pass the awards on.

amazingaward.png I don’t know if you noticed, but I have recently added some new blogs to my blogroll. I am passing this award on to some of my newest reads.

Lifenut– This woman has the best blog headers around! And her writing ain’t so bad either :)

Moosh in Indy– She makes me giggle

Nap Warden– A stay at home mommy or a superhero? You decide.

Sarcastic Mom– I discovered her while NaBloPoMo. Name says it all.

Still His Girl– SAHM to girls, loves God, loves chocolate…nuf said

Toddled Dredge– This blog is just brilliant. And I don’t know what exactly the name means, but I love it.

spread_the_love_award.jpg Award #2. See that other part of my blogroll. The bloggers I have the good fortune to know in real life. The few who understand the crazy obsession that a blog can become. The few who don’t think it’s weird that I even have “blog friends.” You all get this award. Go spread the love!!

  • 3 in under 3
  • A Little Bit Crazy
  • A Slice of the Epic
  • Adventure Mom
  • Big Binder
  • Eastowners
  • Good Idea Momma
  • Grand Rapids 4 Huckabee
  • Life After Baby
  • Look, Mom, Look!
  • Mom to Two Boys
  • One More Last Word
  • Resouling the Stilettos
  • Sunshine Eyes
  • The Left Bower
  • And if anyone else wants to do the 7 random things meme have at it. Let me know you did it so I can see if you are weirder than me.


    1. Awe Shucks! I’ll be sure to spread the love tomorrow :)

    2. adventuremom says:

      Thanks for finally adding me. I feel so cool. I actually noticed this awhile ago and forgot to send a shout out :)

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