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In another ode to old school blogging I found this little blog meme a long time ago at Iowa Girl Eats (one of my favorite food bloggers- gluten-free AND from Iowa so you know she is awesome). I meant to do it back in January, but then promptly forgot #rockstarblogger

Better late than never right?

Household chore I actually enjoy: Folding laundry. I have always loved this job maybe because it was one of the first chores I can remember so it has some sort of nostalgia for me. I find it very peaceful to just fold and zone out. If I’m feeling super spiritual and awesome I will even pray for the person of the clothes I am folding.

 Biggest house disaster: This is a tie between the office and the storage side of our basement. It is where things go to die. If you were to come over with a UHaul and haul all the contents of these rooms away I would likely not even notice. Yet somehow stuff is still there. It is my perpetual to do list. Sigh.

 Before company arrives, I hide: Pans. I am a masterful dishwasher loader and emptier. But pans just go in the sink “to be done later”. It is technically Ryan’s job to do pans but honestly he’s overworked and so they sit and I hate to do them (hence the reason they are Ryan’s job) until I can’t take it anymore. Or until company comes over. Which ever happens first #company

 Most recent music download: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. I have a little bit of a crush on him. This song may be why. Also the video. AMAZE!! It is choreographed by Travis Wall of SYTYCD fame (my FAVE summer show) and uses a former contestant from the show. And Ed. Who had never danced before. All the feels.

The last thing I bought online: A happy light. It came today. It was time for me admit that the winters here in gray old Michigan are bringing me down. I had Amazon credit from a blog campaign so I was more willing to invest. Fingers crossed it helps when I am in a funk. If you’ve used one let me know how it has worked for you in the comments.

I hate to shop for: Swimsuits. Does this even need explanation?

Favorite family ritual:  Weekends we always seem to watch some sort of cooking show or competition with a giant bowl of popcorn in between us. Lately MasterChef Jr. In the past Cupcake Wars and Chopped are strong contenders. The bonus is when the kids come up and make some sort of concoction of their own in the kitchen and have us judge it.

I sleep in: I got FOUR new sets of pajamas for Christmas. Pajamas might just be my favorite gift ever. Take note all people who are responsible for getting me presents #soallofyou

I have a style crush on: Emma Watson and Emma Stone in the celebrity world. Although they are both wee things who can pull off all sorts of things I can’t. Not to mention I don’t have a ton of occasions to walk the red carpet in a designer gown. My favorite style bloggers lately are Audrey at Putting Me Together (indulging my colorful preppy side) and Caroline at Un-Fancy (indulging my minimalist side).

I’m currently reading: 

I just finished This Lovely Life, a heartbreakingly beautiful memoir from a mom of a super-preemie with special needs. Started If I Stay for my book club (only $2.99 on Kindle!!) and am super excited about it. It has been on my list for a while but I was holding off until closer to our discussion so I wouldn’t forget what I read #bookclubhazard

What’s up with the ___ trend? Essential oils. Sorry my billions of friends who sell them. I just really need them to go away.

How did I ever live without: Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut with Almonds. These were a sample at Costco today and so I bought a bag knowing no one else in my family would like them but me. Now I must eat the whole bag in one setting. BECAUSE  oh my word they are amazing. Send help. I have no self-control.

There you have it. I had fun. Did you? If you are a blogger feel free to play along. Or play along in the comments.


  1. Shelley says:

    Oh, essential oils! I just can’t.

    I’m with you on pajamas; I am on a fleece pajama kick. They sure come in handy this time of year… Especially with the “Arctic Blast” weather (bet you can guess which local channel I get my weather info from).

  2. I love your old school blogging!!! But on the oils – I do remember how much you loved the one you smelled before the roller coaster … If I remember correctly, you said it worked:). But I hear ya, I hate crazy popular things like that – crossfit is still in my book there!

  3. Ah, the old-school memes! I love this! I’m with you on the oils–I have a friend who keeps trying to sell me on them. No thanks! And, sorry to say, the whole gluten-free thing kind of sends me. I know, I know . . .
    Shelly Wildman recently posted…Top Five Lines from Downton Abbey, S5:E6 (Or “There’s Something about Mary”)My Profile

    • I TOTALLY made fun of gluten free until I tried it for 3 months and it radically changed a whole pile of problems I was having. That being said I try not to talk about it too much because I REALLY don’t want to be that person ;)

  4. I must now go to Costco.

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