Are You Satisfied?

Last spring our pastor invited Ryan and I to be part of a small group to pilot a brand new bible study. That went with his brand new book. We were thrilled to be part of it because it was a chance to get closer to and learn from someone we have a tremendous amount of respect for.

And then I found out what the book and study were about. Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption. Ugh. This is such an area of struggle with me and something God has been working on my for so long I am pretty sure he is like “FIGURE IT OUT ALL READY!!!” I feared this study and book were going to rock my world.

And I was right.


Now the book is out for everyone. And our church is going through it chapter by chapter together. And even though I have kind of read a lot of the material before, I feel like it is one of those books I should read over and over. And over.

And so I had this wild idea. What if we go through it together? Surely I am not the only person in the internet who struggles with stuff, and the need to buy more stuff, and comparing myself to others, and feeling like there is never enough time to serve… and did I mention stuff.

I want to be free of it. I want to be content with the amazing blessings God has given me. Because if I can’t be content in times of plenty and times of amazing blessing, then God help me when everything runs off the rails. So every week starting next week, we can read a section, tackle a challenge, and get real about our struggles.

Anyone in?

Grab the Satisfied over at Amazon (affiliate link used)

Check out the introductory sermon if you want to listen along every week. 


  1. Angela says:

    I’m in! I just downloaded the book and can’t wait to get started!

  2. That looks way interesting to me. I’m totally in.
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  3. Kaethe says:

    I think I’m in too. Let me see if I can recruit my friend Kellie too.

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