Anti-American? Anti-Human Race?

  I have a confession to make. I am not really into the Olympics. I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies. I don’t really pay much attention. I know who Micheal Phelps is. I know who Mary Lou Retton is. I know water polo and fencing are Olympic sports. Oh, and curling in the winter Olympics. And I’m tapped out.

I do usually follow gymnastics. Don’t know why that sport exactly. I think it might stem from Mary Lou and the fact that she was everywhere when I was growing up and actually in gymnastics. I can picture her on that Wheaties box. I mean seriously, what little girl didn’t want to be Mary Lou?

This year I am watching gymnastics because I am following Shawn Johnston. Something about Iowans makes them root for anyone from their state as if they’re your family. So tonight I am watching and cheering and making commentary as if I know what I am talking about. And then I remember how annoying the announcers are during gymnastics. They are always all “ooh, she really faltered on that dismount. That is just going to DESTROY her chances of ever having any sort of successful life after today. Seriously she should just go apply to greet at Walmart.” And since when is coming in second or third IN THE WORLD, so awful? Last I checked that is still pretty freakin’ awesome.

Anywho, then swimming comes on and I am bored again. Yes, even the Micheal Phelps thing does not hold my attention. I know, I know, I am anti-American. Actually it is like anti-human since the whole earth is participating and cheering. And I am like some sort of Olympic scrooge. Could be because I am the least athletic person in the whole world. Or that displays of emotion (ie. digging up every sort of information on all competitors in an attempt to make me go into the ugly cry) make me twitch. Or it could be my complete lack of understanding of half of the sports they show (trampoline and shooting are sports? Hopefully not at the same time). If only there was a gold medal for napping…..I would totally dominate. In fact, I am off to “go for the gold” right now.

*ok I am amending this post to note that watching the Americans beat the French in the 4×100 might have single handedly changed my Olympic viewing habits. And I am now calling french fries, “we kicked your butt in swimming so take that Frenchie” fries. Carry on.


  1. You just make me laugh out loud! LOVE the new name for french fries =) Glad you are enjoying the Olympics. Here in Indonesia even though we have Satellite TV, for some reason none of the channels we have carry any sort of Olympic coverage. Well, sometimes we get highlights on CNN. But usually that is just the last 5 seconds of the swimming or whatever, just showing who won. Enjoy the trampoline shooting for me!

    Junglewifes last blog post..More info

  2. You crack me up! If there was trampoline shooting–I’d totally watch that. That would be good TV.

    Marias last blog post..Things I Love Thursday–Awesome Sleep

  3. That was a pretty spectacular race…If it makes you feel any better, i kept flipping between the Olympics and Cold Case.

    jeans last blog post..reliving the past

  4. Glad you amended the post…How could you not love the Americans beating the Frenchies?!?

    I am an Olympics junkie, currently seeking help group;)

    Nap Wardens last blog post..Run Report (The Agony of Defeat)

  5. Rachel says:

    Don’t feel too bad.

    The only reason I know who Michael Phelps is is because of that annoying AT&T commercial.

    Your last paragraph cracked me up!

    Rachels last blog post..Be Still, My Thoughts

  6. I thought I was seriously the only one that wasn’t into watching the Olympics. I watched some of the gymnastics (cause it was the only thing on!) and it too brought back my “I really wanna be mary lou retton!!” days. I spent one full summer in a leotard.

    That was before I realized that I am not built like a gymnast, nor do I have the drive to actually do it.

  7. Dee from Tennessee says:

    “that watching the Americans beat the French in the 4×100 might have single handedly changed my Olympic viewing habits”

    ditto for me too!

    Any my hubby had already went to bed and I had no one to share the victory with!

  8. So funny! I thank God for Tivo, I can fast forward during the boring parts and head straight to the events I like. I agree with you on teh commentators, I’d like to see them swing on the uneven bars! I am a big fan though…and an incredible sucker for the “this is the life of so and so…” stories. I cry more during the olympics than any other time! I’m not athletic at all, so maybe it’s just awe that people put so much effort into getting something. I would give up after the first fall!

    Andreas last blog post..Busyness

  9. it’s ok to not LOVE the olympics. I mean, you’re clearly weird. but we don’t hate you.

    I suggested to my husband last night that we start calling them lezak fries. I think it’s short enough that it just might catch on. want to help me start a new trend? ;-)

    Erin Gs last blog post..Summon the Heroes

  10. The kiddos asked Daddy yesterday what the rings stood for (Daddy works for a VERY large and well known sports company). His reply, “I don’t know.” SERIOUSLY? So, being the super-Mom, I am… I Googled it.

    :) Now who’s the hero?

    We’ve been watching gymnastics and swimming. My 3 yo says at the hospital today (where the other kids are watching cartoons) “Daddy, Me wants to watch the swimming… its my FAVORITE.”

    Personally I’m busy trying to figure out how many of the Chinese Gymnastic team have age falsification going on… those girls are not going on 16.


    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..Win This EARTH FRIENDLY HANDBAG!!!!!

  11. oh amanda says:

    I’m with you! We’ve had the Olympics on but I’m just not that into it.

    But the french fries? LOVE IT.

    oh amandas last blog post..If My Phone Twittered

  12. I’m not into much other than the men’s swimming. I’m definitely stealing your new name for french fries. Too funny!

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