And then there were three….

Today was a day of stories. Powerful stories of hope in places that seem hopeless. This was the day on our itinerary I was dreading. A day that included a visit to the slums and meeting with HIV and AIDS affected children. I feared I would be completely devastated by the end of the day. But instead of being depleted I was filled up. Filled up to where my cup overflowed and the only response was….. well I am getting ahead of myself.

We had just finished eating lunch when the children began to gather in the courtyard outside of the World Vision offices. Children who I would later discover where coming for play therapy because their lives have been impacted by HIV and AIDS. Many of them had the disease. Some of them were orphaned by it. Others were living with the reality of it in their family. So they came to a place where they were accepted and loved and educated and cared for. Things that weren’t happening before World Vision came on the scene.

I struck up a conversation with two children who had arrived early. Well, conversed is probably too strong a word. I used one of the only Spanish phrase I knew and asked them how old they were. Eight and three they answered and I discovered they were siblings. Amanda and I had some stickers we gave them and they faces lit up. Soon, we made our way to other children, but it didn’t take very long before I felt arms wrapped around my neck and turned to see the little eight year old girl I had met earlier. Her face was lit up with a smile.

The kids began to make their way inside and soon began coloring. I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be, so I sat down and started making pictures with them. There was comfort in doing something I do every day with my own children. We couldn’t talk because I didn’t know the language, but coloring didn’t require words. It just required sharing crayons and admiring pictures and an occasional smile and high five.

Soon I made my way over to my little eight year old shadow thinking I might give her my picture to take home. I sat down next to her and watched her color a detailed picture of a home with flowers. And then through the translator she asked me my name. I spelled it out for her and she began to write a message on her picture.

Que Dios la Bendiga

God Bless. Then she wrote my name and handed the picture to me. I am not sure at what point in our interaction I realized why she was there. It hit me like a ton of bricks. This sweet little girl, not much older than my own, is here because she is living with HIV. I honestly do not know if she herself has it, but if not, someone in her life does. I hugged her and told her how special she was and how beautiful her picture was and then I did the only thing I knew to do to help her. I begged the staff to be her sponsor. And as “luck” would have it, she was one of the children in the room waiting for sponsorship. Oh, and so was her brother.

I don’t tell you this to make myself out to be something special. I am not. I felt God’s nudge and I responded. And just like with Loribert, I felt like God chose these kids for me. And so our little World Vision family is growing. What do you think? I think they look like their new adoptive mama ;)

There were seven other children in the room how needed sponsoring. Will you start your World Vision family today and sponsor a child of your own?


  1. Oh goodness…what stories you guys bring to us!!! I hope one day I can be in your shoes and blog for World Vision! Amazing!
    .-= Becky @TheVioletFig´s last blog ..Baby chicks =-.

  2. proud of you. THIS is what it’s about.
    .-= We are THAT family´s last blog ..WFMW: Backwards Edition =-.

  3. Oh Jill, your heart must be so full. Can’t wait to hear more, friend! xoxo
    .-= QuatroMama´s last blog ..Advantage #67 of Having a Wombmate… =-.

  4. What a soul filling post. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful gift you all recieved this day.

  5. Andrea @ MommySnacks.net says:

    Jill, this is amazing! And, yes you def look like their adoptive momma!
    .-= Andrea @ MommySnacks.net´s last blog ..Smiles are Universal! =-.

  6. It is rare that I am speechless Jill. This is one of those times. Wow is all I can say. God bless you and the team!

  7. Oh I can’t stop crying. Amazing story Jill.
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..Relax, and Give =-.

  8. How wonderful Jill, your “family” is starting to a look a little like mine here in the states!!

    God bless you in your journey!!

  9. That’s awesome- what beautiful children!

  10. YOU and your family. amazing.
    You’re inspiring, Jill

    Thank you for sharing these stories.

  11. We’ve sponsored a World Vision child for about 6 years and just sponsored another one last week through the WV bloggers link. With each post I read, I want to sponsor another, and another. I can imagine seeing their precious faces in person, as you are, and wanting to sponsor every last one of them. How could you choose which one? But, it seems from your story that they choose you. It’s such a God thing!

  12. awesomeness, my friend. Great post!!
    .-= Jenny from Mommin’ It Up´s last blog ..May Day!! =-.

  13. I miss you and I am so proud of you. Can you find another child for us to sponsor? I know God will help you dind the right one. Love–Mom

  14. Happiness!
    .-= Maranne@Writer-Mommy´s last blog ..What Do You Want for Mother’s Day? =-.

  15. Alejandro says:

    Oh my, its awesome how God orchestrate things, just make sure that you let other people sponsor children too, dont take em all :)

  16. that’s amazing :) i’m so happy for you and those kiddos, God bless!

  17. Okay, okay I FINALLY managed to take a few minutes to sponsor a child. Or at least Once A Month Mom did! Thanks for sharing your great stories and touching my life this week. And Mauricio, who I just sponsored, thanks you too. :)
    .-= Tricia (Once A Month Mom)´s last blog ..Saturday Stumbles – May 8, 2010 =-.

  18. Beth Shepherd says:

    That is very sweet! I am glad you got to meet her and her brother.

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