And then I hung out with Madonna's dad…

  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I am up in Traverse City, Michigan for a wedding his weekend. Without kids!! The hubby performed the ceremony and I sang. Also, if you need a couple flower girls, I got those too. We should start a business.

The wedding was actually gorgeous. It was at a winery overlooking the bay. The weather was mostly gorgeous except for a brief torrential downpour about an hour before the ceremony. The ceremony was very unique and sentimental. The hubby and my parts went off without a hitch. Did I mention we are without the kids? Does anything else remotely matter?

Well, one thing. The vineyard we were at? Ciccone Vineyards. Yeah, that meant nothing to me either. Until somebody reminded me that Madonna’s full name was Madonna Ciccone. Actually Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie (although reportedly that last name might be in jeopardy…too.much.People.magazine). And this is her dad’s vineyard. So I am thinking that is kinda cool and I am wandering around the grounds preparing for the wedding when an older man comes over and asks me if I will be needing a stool. Now this man, looks like some sort of hired gardener so I think nothing of it. Then someone tells me that was Madonna’s dad.

Call me crazy, but I was expecting this.



  1. Oh, you’re cracking me up! Yeah, that would be her video dad … hahahahaha ….

    Glad it all went well and you had some good time with your hubby sans kiddos :)

  2. HA!!

  3. Heather says:

    No, seriously?!

    And what’s up with her marriage? I am so behind on People.com….

  4. I would have been totally star struck!

  5. I mean father of a star struck.

  6. Madonna-schmadonna. How was the wine?

  7. What is up with everyone and their dog going to weddings this weekend??? (we did too) Oh wait, because it’s the end of june. I hope yours was way better than ours! 100 degrees with no shade at 4pm. So sad because all the guests were pretty much gone by 7pm and the dancing hadn’t even started. I felt bad for the couple, but what can you do when it’s too hot to even sit in the normal reception area!

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