And The Winner Is…

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes. My mom even loaded me up with chocolate and I have 2, yes 2, cakes to finish off this week. This will do wonders for swimsuit season. The winner of the scripture name is comment #2, Kate. The fact that she told me I don’t look a day over 25 had no bearing on the results :)


  1. Are you serious?!? No way! I never win anything. I thought I may have a leg up with that comment. Just a little something for the over 30 crowd. We need to keep ourselves funny, right?

  2. Congrats Kate!!!
    I wanted to let you know we got ours last week! I’ve been so busy I didn’t have a chance, but I will by buying another one soon! Thanks! :)

  3. 4 lava cakes, 3 pieces of friendship bread, and 1/2 of a chocolate cheesecake…I am SO with you, my friend.

    Maybe we can lay out by the pool together ;)

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