And So It Begins…..

school   I bought a new calendar this week. I like to buy calendars that are on a school year schedule rather than a calendar year because once you have school aged kids the year doesn’t really begin in January. It begins in September. Or for a whole bunch of you August. Which is insane. To me August is still officially summer and therefore should not have school in it. That being said, we are starting after Labor Day this year and since it is soooo ridiculously late my kids are in school until mid-June. Which seems equally insane.

Anyway, there is something about starting a new calendar that is so refreshing. It’s like a blank slate. A chance to start anew. But alas, 3 seconds later it is jam packer. Seriously, September is scaring the crap out of me and I refuse to even look at October because that marks the beginning of tackling this schedule with three. And we seem to have committed to a whole host of things during that period that can only be explained by some sort of contact high off paint fumes while painting Hannah’s room. Because what kind of sane people agree to this many things the month their third child is being born? Apparently a couple who thinks that I am Superwoman. Which I fear I am not.

Either way fall is starting. And with it my two girls start school. Lily will be in school all day, every day, a fact neither of us is prepared for. She got the teacher she really wanted. Of course she based this want solely on the fact that her teacher is “pretty and wears pretty clothes.” I guess when you are a first grade girl like my girly-girl few other things matter. Hannah will be in preschool two days a week and cannot stop telling people she is going to school because “I big.” Throw in ballet class (Hannah), piano lessons (Lily), swimming (both), speech (Hannah), MOPS (me) and the week looks a bit insane. One of these days you might just find me curled up in the corner in the fetal position trying desperately to find my happy place.

Still I can’t help but be excited. The girls are and their excitement is contagious. Yes, it is hard watching the passage of time and there may be some tears (I blame the hormones), but I am excited for them because they are ready and where they should be. Fall also brings us closer to the most anticipated event around here. I just can’t wait to meet this little man who regularly reminds me of his presence with a swift kick in the ribs. Although I will admit I am not so much a fan of being pregnant and would like it to just be over already, at this point it is so much more about finally getting face time with this person I have been growing.

I haven’t even talked about the crisp fall air, changing leaves, apple orchards….So it is a time of excitement, anticipation, anxiousness, a bit of overwhelmedness thrown in with a dash of “what the heck am I doing.” How does fall make you feel?


  1. We’ve had some unseasonably cool weather here the past couple of days. Seriously, open windows in August!! We’ve had a bizarre summer, weather wise, to say the least. But yesterday and today have been so fall-like that it has me dreaming of pumpkin bread and chili (which I actually did make for lunch!) and Friday night football games and visits to the pumpkin farm and hot cider and autumn leaves and on and on. Autumn is my favorite season and if wants to start early, I welcome it with open arms!
    .-= Malia´s last blog ..School Memories =-.

  2. Since I add working into the mix, it makes me a little sad that I’ll see my kids less – but they are so excited to be in school I guess they are not feeling the same way about me :)
    .-= Jen@BigBinder´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday =-.

  3. I love fall. Love, love, love. It always feels like a return to normalcy after the strange non-schedule of summer. And I don’t even have a school-aged kid yet!
    .-= Jeni´s last blog ..WFMW: Cutting the Facebook Clutter =-.

  4. I feel panic simply reading your post. i guess it brings me back to the anxiety I felt as a child starting something new. I remind myself that kids are easily adaptable and I do will get used to the new schedule. But, for now I am enjoying these last weeks of summer.
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..Traveling Versus Vacation =-.

  5. I feel like I didn’t really “know” fall until we left L.A. and moved to the Midwest. I’m still learning (3 Falls later) what it means to me, but it definitely means knitting scarves and apple picking and so much more. I can’t wait to meet your little man!
    .-= To Think Is To Create´s last blog ..Thankful For Recovery =-.

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