And Quit Calling Me Shirley

  So I mentioned last week that I have a little holiday job. Well when I started working that job 3 years ago, there were 2 other people in the office with the same name as mine. Since it is a small office and the people calling into customer service needed to be able to ask for us by name, 2 of us had to take on an alias. To be funny, I became Britney. As an ode to Miss Spears. Who at that time was still a Miss and had a full head of hair. Ah, memories.

Anywho, for 8 hours a day a few days a week, I answer to Britney. Until last week. When some lady at Home Depot had a whole conversation with me and continually called me Brit. And I found myself highly offended. And getting more so as the phone call went on. 

I was reminded of an episode of Seinfeld when a coworker keeps calling Elaine Susie and so she starts answering to it.

ELAINE: Can you believe this woman?

JERRY: The nerve. Talkin’ about ya behind your back–and right to your face!

ELAINE: No. “Suze!” I mean, “Susie!” “Suzanne!” “Suzanna.” Fine! But there is no, way,I’m gonna be a Suze.

So it’s Britney lady. Not Brit. Seriously, I don’t even know this woman, what makes her think she can call me Brit. I bet Ms. Spears doesn’t have to deal with this crap.


  1. Miss Spears if ya nasty!!!

  2. Heather H says:

    David and I secretly love Britney Spears…

    In other news… Did you see the video of Britney performing in London? (You can watch it on people.com) Pretty impressive. I think she may have a chance at coming back…

    Heather Hs last blog post..The Birth Story

  3. Suze, Shirley, Brit, whatever your name is today—-that is seriously the funniest post I have EVER read.

  4. I love a good Seinfeld reference. I do remember that. Didn’t Suzie have a funeral?

    debbies last blog post..Still not back – plus good reason for my arachnophobia

  5. HeatherY says:

    That is hilarious!!!

    HeatherYs last blog post..Aloha Friday #7

  6. That is FUNNY! Good times. At least she didn’t call you “Ney”.

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Another Amazing Giveaway – Dirt Devil 12 Days of Cleaning!

  7. I actually prefer that people call me Brit, but my name is Britni so I’m used to it. When my husband uses my full name, it actually worries me.

    Playful Professionals last blog post..The Tastes of My Childhood

  8. You are “shirley” one funny lady!

    bees last blog post..I’m Baaaack!

  9. As you can guess, I’m way, WAY behind on blogging. This post cracked me up. Nothing bugs me more than people deciding they can call you a nickname when you’re not even aquaintances, much less friends!

    I worked for Royal Caribbean Cruises as a reservations agent one summer. Everyone had to have a phone name. The one I chose was Reagan. You would not believe the people that commented on how strange my name was. HELLO??? It COULD have been my real name! Honestly!

    Devons last blog post..

  10. Don’t let Peterman have his way with you Brit…

    Melanies last blog post..Such a sad sight

  11. I love that movie (Airplane)!

    That’s pretty funny — what’s the other girls alias?

    Janes last blog post..Speaking of people who think that consumers (of news) are braindead

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