An Ode to Cow Blankie, Green Baby and Mr. Monkey


I know a lot of kids have irreplaceable “lovies” that they latch onto and can’t live without. The ones that parents have to buy 2 and 3 of in case one gets misplaced.

None of my kids have had something like that. However each one of my kids has latched onto one stuffed animal more than the rest that became their sleeping buddy. Not so much that they couldn’t sleep without it if we forgot it on a trip or it needed a “bath” while the slept. But the animal that resides in their cribs or beds and gets the biggest share of the snuggles.

With Lily it is a blanket she affectionately dubbed “cow blankie”. A friend of mine made it for my first baby shower and it has a farm print on it. She honed in on the cows and it has been named that ever since. It is a well traveled, well loved blanket. When Lily started school I could see the tension between wanting to bring it to show and tell and feeling like maybe that wasn’t ok to still love your blanket. She still sleeps with it every night and sometimes carries it around the house. I am secretly hoping it makes its way off to college when the time comes.

With Hannah it was a Christmas gift she got when she was about 1 1/2. They were a set of twin babies, one pink and one green. She appropriately named them “green baby” and “pink baby”. Wildly creative. For whatever reason she latched onto the green one. Pink baby still sets at the end of her bed with a gaggle of other dolls and animals, but she has never scored the coveted spot of main snuggle buddy. Currently Hannah also sleeps with a black horse named Blackie. And other animals have come before and will probably come after Blackie, but Green Baby is always the constant.

I am not really sure who gave Silas Mr. Monkey or even when he came on the scene. I know we don’t typically put stuffed animals in with our kids when they are babies, so I am going to guess he got put in the crib around a year ago. I named him Mr. Monkey since Silas refers to him as he does all animals. By the sound they make. And although Mr. Monkey is the youngest in terms of the lives of our “lovies” he is the most worn. His fur is wearing down and there is even a teeny hole developing. But no matter what time of night you go in to check on Silas you can be sure he will have that monkey snuggled tight. So it only makes sense he is becoming “well loved.”

I have a tiny scrap of the blanket that I slept with when I was a baby. It is all that is left. It is odd how fondly I think of my kid’s own blankets, babies and animals, but because my kids love them so dearly, I find myself doing the same. And I will miss them dearly when they aren’t to be found entangled in my kid’s sheets anymore. Because it will mean the loss of something far greater than a lovey. It will mean my babies have grown up on me.

Do your kids have a “lovey” they can’t live without?


  1. no loveys here, though our second is just 8months and being more toy-oriented might pick one. with no security blanky or animal, my firstborn is not liking to give up his binky. we still let him have it at night, naptime, and on rough days (he just turned 2…)
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  2. My kids each have a Beanie animal they sleep with and our stories are similar to yours. I’ve noticed that my oldest has begun to “let go” of her special sleeping buddy and it makes me so sad! I love those little animals as much as they do!

  3. abba12 says:

    I didn’t but my sister did, there’s a rather special story behind hers. When my mum had her third child she bought her a special bear with green glow in the dark pyjamas. The third child was very very ill, it was a miracle she was born alive to begin with. She only lived 7 1/2 weeks. At this time I was 3 and my sister was 1 1/2 years old. As expected my mother spent a lot of time at the hospital and then when she finally came home without baby, well my sister formed some serious attachment issues which she still suffers from. (so did I but that’s besides the point).

    Anyway, mum bought a second bear just like the first to help her in her grieving process. My sister latched onto that bear and it became hers. She wouldn’t sleep without it. I think it was her security and stability, with everyone else coming and going at the time. And in her mind that couldn’t understand what has happened it was her baby sister.

    It’s white fur is now a sort of grey with brown patches, and the fluff inside is uneven in big balls from one failed attempt at putting it in the washing machine. I think the ball on the top of it’s hat fell off and at one point it was missing an eye. I doubt it glows in the dark anymore. But I know my sister still had it when mum actually did abandon us 2.5yrs ago, when my sister was 15. It was one of only a handfull of things she took with her. And I’m sure it’s probably still on her bedside table. My sister likes to act like she dosen’t care, but I’m pretty sure if that bear ever went missing she would panic and tear the house apart to find it.

  4. I don’t remember having a special blanket or animal as a child that I couldn’t live without… I just had a ton of stuffed animals that all lined my bed at night!
    My boys each have a blankie though. My older son loved this soft one my mom gave him as a baby present and when I realized it might need to be washed occasionally I looked for a second one… no luck. So one day in Target I found a completely different blanket that was super soft and asked him if he wanted a new blankie (or Bee-bee) as he called it. He loved how soft it was so I bought two. They are not yellow anymore, more of a gray/yellow, but we just wash one and put the other in the closet so at least they are the same shade of gray! He also sucks his thumb when sleeping with the blanket. And while he WILL sleep without it now that he’s 4 1/2 he still wants it.

    My younger son I think picked up the habit from his big brother and has a Carter’s blanket. I tried to get him to like another blanket we had as backup, but eventually I found a second one on ebay. (thank goodness it had a recognizable dog on it so the search was easier!) So now I can wash without worrying about it! Oh, and at 19 months he calls his “biya-biya”. Super cute!

  5. Christie says:

    I’m 29 years old and not ashamed to admit I still sleep with my Mr. T (short for Ted E. Bear, duh)
    He goes on all trips with me. He even went on my honeymoon. I can totally substitute if I don’t have him–but I have to hug something while I sleep, even if it’s a sweatshirt or extra blanket.

  6. Janice says:

    This post sure strikes a cord! My oldest DD is 4, and will NOT sleep without her blanket. The first one needed to retire, since it was falling apart. It was thermal baby blanket that had been given when my oldest child was a baby so was getting old already when she claimed it. I checked several places this fall before I found some more thermal ones. She helped choose the color she wanted, and the original one was washed and hidden in a drawer, in case she couldn’t adjust to the new one. She did well, and that blanket is her security when she’s tired or upset about something. I just don’t have the heart to take it away from her.
    My second DD claimed big flannel burp cloth. I have two, so if one gets misplaced or dirty, I always have a spare. she just turned 3, and her ‘diaper’ gets drug all over the house. I’ll probably have to replace it with a small flannel blanket one of these days. My son used to sleep with a certain little teddy bear or blanket, but he never was as attached to it as my girls are to their’s. I don’t plan to take those away from them, just limit where they take them along, too. :)

  7. Yes! My daughter Lexi has her “blankie”. It’s a white handmade blanket. She’s had it with her since she was a baby and she has to have it to go to sleep. It used to be we couldn’t go anywhere without it but now she just likes it at bedtime.
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  8. Jeannette says:

    My eldest has “Fuzzy Bear”. FB (for short) used to go everywhere with her. (He also used to be a fuzzy, brown bear, now he looks more like a limp rag.) Camping, hiking, shopping, church, everywhere. Usually he was tucked under her arm and all was good. At around 3.5-4 yrs she became a little less attached to him. She still wanted to take him everywhere, but then would get distracted and leave him somewhere. So we told her FB wasn’t allowed to leave the house and go on adventures anymore. She still sleeps with him tucked up under her arm, but FB stays home these days. I do get a little sad to think that stage of attachment is passing & she is growing up.

  9. I slept with my stuffed bear years into elementary school… Suddenly not needing their lovies is a stage I hope is far in the future for my little ones. Currently they both need their “snuggies” – cloth diapers I used as burp cloths when they were little that they latched onto and have slept with and snuggled with when upset.
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  10. My kids both latched onto their special Blankies. My daughter (who is now 5) loved the binding and would rub it on her nose when she was sleepy. We’ve since had to transition her to a “Big Blankie” that is fuzzy and doesn’t have any binding, but she’s just as attached to it as she was to her little Blankie. My son, who is 2 1/2, favors the tags on his Blankie. Not just any tags will do – they have to be his Blankie tags. One of his two Blankies lost its tags on a recent trip through the washer, and I had to buy some satin ribbon and sew on a replacement!
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  11. Out of six kids, it is really only my two older boys that have lovies. My girls have things they like, but it often changes, and when they don’t have it they don’t seem to mind. My son Caleb has a blue teddy bear that we were given when he was a baby. Somehow the bear came to be named Grumpy. So then my son Timmy had a crib blanket that had bears with various sports equipment on it. Since we always referred to Caleb’s bear as Grumpy, Timmy mistakenly thought bears were called Grumpy. So his blanket got called Grumpy blanket. And we still call it that. He is 6 now, and the blanket just barely covers him. But he insists on sleeping with it covering him every night. I’m hoping to have it made into a bigger quilt for him eventually.
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  12. Sarah Godwin says:

    I have to admit that I am 23 and STILL sleep with my baby blanket. Of course, I can sleep without it and have many nights, but I still have it on my bed to this day. It’s a sense of security and my family and boyfriend accept and support my silly ways. I took it to college with me and slept with it every night as a reminder that I wasn’t so far away from home after all.

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