An open letter

letter.jpg To the security staff at Magee Woman’s Hospital in Pittsburgh:

If you choose to call our house at 11:30 pm, please don’t begin the call with-

“Hello, I am Officer so and so from Magee Woman’s Hospital and I am so sorry to call so late.”

I have already panicked that the phone is ringing at 11:30 and there is a hospital on caller ID. My heart is pounding and I have begun praying for everyone I know.

So you can understand my anger when I discover you are calling because you have found a cell phone with our number in it and are wondering if we can contact its owner for you. Especially when said owner has no other contact number than his cell phone. Oh, and did I mention he is a doctor who works in YOUR hospital. A doctor whose name you seemed to know when you called.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.




  1. Summer says:

    That is really bizarre.

  2. Ewe….I’m steamed just reading this. I’d be calling the security officer’s manager and filing a complaint. How inconsiderate to call you, when the hospital should have another way of informing him…like an e-mail. Some people’s children…

  3. That is SO rude. We’ve had someone who calls us at late hours over and over and over again. It’s the same guy, the same wrong number. I was asleep and my hubby got the phone, but I still heard it ring a couple of times at. After hearing it ring at 11, 12 something and then again a few minutes later, I went downstairs to see what was wrong. Someone MUST be in the hospital or dieing, right? WRong number. And he’s called again the next day!

  4. You’re kidding me! Talk about getting the adrenaline flowing. Did you really mail that letter?? I would hope so. :)

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