An Experiment in Being Fun Mom

I am working on being more of a “yes” mom. In our family I definitely play bad cop more than fun mom and maybe that is just my place sometimes, but I don’t like ending the day feeling like a Scrooge. So I am working on it. Finding ways to be the fun mom sprinkled in between the cranky pants harping on kids to make their bed and do their homework and STOP STALLING and get to bed already.

Here are 5 ways I was an awesome fun mom today:

1. Spidey Socksspiderman socks

Silas needs socks. He has his new tennis shoes and these old man socks which just aren’t working for me. So I wanted some ankle socks and had planned on getting some boring plain ones. But then I stumbled upon some spiderrific ones at Target and it was done. Silas is in a major superhero phase since returning from Universal and his little self could hardly handle it. At one point today he was earing all four socks from the pack and tonight he is sleeping in one pair. $5 to be a super mom? Priceless!

2.  PB&J with a Twist

One of Silas’ favorite things for lunch (like every other child on the planet) is PB&J but that can get a little Groundhog Day. So a lot of times we cut the sandwiches with cookie cutters. Today we took it up a notch. It started when he took a bite of his “gingerbread man” and said, “Look Mom, now it looks like a unicorn.” Then he kept taking bites and we kept trying to guess what it looked like. We had a giraffe, a seal, a horse and an egg. And lots of giggles.

3. What’s That Say?

Silas loves to have his milk in one of “daddy’s cups”. Which is really just one of his insulated coffee cups. Today he had it in a cup that had writing on it and he asked me what it said. I said “It says ‘Keep your hands off Silas’ milk baby!!” because our foster baby kept lurking around his milk. He began insanely giggling and a new game was born. He kept asking me what his cup said, and I kept coming up with silly phrases.

4. No- Boredom Games

I actually love playing board games. I don’t always love playing board games with toddlers. After the eighteenth time of Silas asking when his sisters would be home from school, we broke out the Chutes and Ladders. Silas asked, “Is it okay if I win?” I said, “Well I can’t control that. It just depends what you spin.” He informed me that he always wins because he cheats a lot. Well alrighty then.

5.  Well actually I was all tapped out after that. And when he got out his foam sword and started trying to slice his foster sister in half, fun mom died a quick death. Then the girls got home and it was all homework and dinner and bedtimes. I rocked it while I could. Maybe she will come out again tomorrow……

How were you a fun mom today?


  1. One of my boys has been struggling with the transition to pre-school. He’s homesick, the poor guy. So, because he had a great day, we had a pudding party after school to celebrate. I don’t like using food as a reward…so I made sure we called it a celebration for all of us having a great day.

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