An Excellent Solution

 Thanks to all of you who felt my pain with the loss of my dishwasher. We are still trying out some solutions and I am confident we are almost there. To those of you who live without dishwashers on a regular basis…I just paused and gave you a round of applause. Seriously, I am impressed. You are the wind beneath my wings…or something.

And then there was my mother and her big girl panties. If you missed that comment, it was just delightful. Thankfully I have found a solution to the pile of dishes I have been avoiding in my sink. It involves my mom and her big girl panties (not that my mom is big-in no way am I implying that, she is tiny). I fed her dinner and SHE washed my dishes. Before you think that isn’t right that I would make my mom wash our dishes, I should point out that I did feed her quite well, allow her to play with her grandchildren, and help her navigate her way around town today during several phone calls as she was a bit lost (and directionally challenged).

So I am pretty much thinkin’ I am daughter of the year. Oh, and thanks to you too mom. Dinner is at 6 tomorrow night. Same time, same bat channel.


  1. Growing up my family didn’t have a dishwasher…actually my dad said he had 3 dishwashers – each of us kids. So I didn’t know any different. Now I don’t think I could live without one! It just takes so much time to wash & dry the dishes!!! We did have some good conversation doing the dishes, but I’m sure we could have that same conversation sitting in the living room with our feet up. Here’s a big “Bravo!” for my mom who is still washing dishes by hand!

  2. Can I just take a minute to say COCO ROCKS. And I don’t feel comfortable commenting on anyone’s panties really, but your mom is totally buff. Probably because she’s training to run a marathon. Anazing.

  3. Anazing is the superlative of amazing. That or, my 2 year old was ‘helping me’ type this. Your choice.

  4. niiiiiiiiiice.

  5. Love it – food exchanged for dish washing!

  6. You have a great mom. What with it almost be Mother’s Day in all, you better start shopping!

  7. skiplovey says:

    Wow nice swap! Does she do windows too?

    Whenever my mom comes over she washes all my dishes (even though we have a dishwasher). I think it’s some weird nervous mom thing that they do, like they forget about modern appliances or something.

  8. Oh, Moms are the greatest. Are you getting a new dishwasher soon?

  9. thanks for the kudos, kiddo.–Love–Mom

  10. Mom’s just know when to come in and save the day don’t they? I love that!

  11. So, if I fed her lunch, you think she’d be willing to wash up over here??

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