An Easy Way to Organize Your Accessories

I used to be completely afraid to accessorize. It completely baffled and scared me. So I just had one necklace and pair of hoops that I wore each and every day. Not that there is anything wrong with that…….

Now, although sometimes I probably get it very wrong, I love to use accessories to complete my outfits. I have accumulated quite the collection of necklaces and earrings (not to mention scarves) and my tiny jewelry box just wasn’t cutting it. I knew I need a better solution than piles of earrings and tangled necklaces.

(ignore my tacky hand me down bedroom set. Someday I will own big girl furniture)

Now lest you think I have turned uber crafty, I bought the window/ chicken wire frame.  Because after a year of thinking, I really should find an old window and chicken frame and make a jewelry organizing thingy like I saw on Pinterest one time, I found one someone else had already made. Whew. Cause my crafty intentions, while good, are hardly ever realized.

I have organized my necklaces by type. Gold chains, silver chains and two sections of “statement necklaces”. I love me a good statement necklace. Currently I have them clothes-pinned to the chicken wire, but I have purchased a few more pieces since I took this picture and those are getting weighed down (what? it might be a sickness). So I think soon I will need to screw some hooks to the frame (or more accurately get the hubby to do it).

My earrings are also loosely grouped by color and style. You might notice that I have a silver hoop addiction. Since I wear a lot of bold necklaces and scarves, my earrings often need to be simple. I would like to get a little bolder with my earrings in the future. It is always good to have an accessory goal….

You might note that I have rings and bangles in pretty little silver thrift store dishes on the dresser. They don’t really hang well so this has been a good storage solution for now. And all of this sits directly next to my mirror so I can try them on and immediately see if everything works. Then I walk over to my skinny mirror and recheck my outfit from head to toe (every girl needs a skinny mirror).

On Monday I will share my five favorite places to find accessories. And they are all cheap. Rarely do I spend much on my accessories unless they are that rare timeless piece I can’t live without.

How do you organize your jewelry/ accessories?


  1. don’t leave your “good” jewelry out in the air…it will tarnish :)
    lisa @studiojewel recently posted…How to wear denim on denim – Fashion Tip TuesdayMy Profile

  2. Offended by the tacky hand me down dresser comment!!!

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