An Earned Night at the Movies


We have a rule in this household that you are not allowed to see movies until you have read the books. Well actually we have that rule for our kids. In general I make it a rule not to see movies after I have read the books because I always end up in an angry rant shaking my fists at the screen. Movies rarely do books justice.

In my little house of readers this is rarely met with a complaint. If a movie comes out that is hyped up for kids mine have usually become so engrossed in the book that they forget the movie exists. But from time to time it is fun to see a movie and all the more fun to talk afterwards about what we liked better and what was the same and different.

And with that last sentence I have just admitted to the world that we possibly need to get out more.


if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that I recently polished off The Hunger Gamesseries. I had some friends who had invited me to see the movie and after extensively researching to make sure it wouldn’t disappoint me if I had read the books, I tackled the books in record time and headed to the theater. Yes the books are much better, but the movie is pretty darn good. I will admit the hype was warranted (although you could not pay me all the money in the world to read a book about vampire love).

For a year now I have been trying to convince Lily to read Harry Potter (yes I just used an affiliate link in case one of my readers lives in the jungle and had never heard of the book until this post). She stubbornly refused saying she wouldn’t like them.


where I found Lily 5 hours after bringing book 4 home

Well she finally caved. And she devoured those books like nobody’s business. And now we are all things Harry Potter all the time. All. the. time. She has read books 1-4 and I am making her wait a bit to finish the series because I hear the last 3 books are rather dark. I had never read the books until she started and I have finished book 1 and am reading book 2. I must say, I completely understand why people love these, adults and children. They are fantastic.

In fact, my current problem is finding other books for her to read because every other series we have tried is met with, “well they just aren’t as good as Harry Potter!!”


So it is for this reason that I found myself tucked in bed next to Lily on Thursday night with pizza in our laps and Harry Potter on my laptop. She had earned the right to see the movie. And I had the pleasure of watching her face light up as she saw one of her favorite books come to life. As soon as I finish book 2 we will have another movie night together. I don’t know who is more excited. Her or me.

What book have you loved that was turned into a movie that didn’t disappoint?


  1. We are doing this exact same thing! My oldest daughter (who is a voracious reader) also refused to read them because they were about “witchcraft”. What a good Christian girl, huh? :) And then we told her she had to read them because they were well, awesome. Now she is on book 7 and told me she may cry when she reads the last line. My younger daughter is on book 4 and is all about seeing every movie. They have watched 1, 2, 3 so far.

    I think I may have to re-read them. Enjoy all things Harry Potter. We have watched some pretty magical plays down in our basement with fake English accents too … so fun!
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  2. Nicole says:

    The Help was a great book, and a pretty good movie too! I agree, the books are always better. I’ve never thought a movie was better than the book!

  3. I think the Help was a pretty good book turned movie. And then the Harry Potty series. However, I just caught a brief few minutes of the Count of Monte Cristo this weekend on tv and was quickly reminded at just how awful of a rendition that movie is of the book.
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  4. Jenn M says:

    We do the exact same thing…one of the best books to movie for my daughters was Bridge to Terabithia. One of the worst? Indian in the Cupboard (which was really sad for me, because I loved the book).

  5. Stephanie says:

    We did this for my older boys when they wanted to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It took them a while, but they made it thru =)

  6. The Narnia Books and movies would be great ones for her to devour if she hasn’t already. LOTR is another. Those are intense reading, The Hobbit is also being made into a movie. If she just wants to read, Madeline L’Engle’s Wrinkle in Time series is a good one.
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