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So you know if you have read this blog for any amount of time that I believe strongly in marriage. And I believe one of the worst things you can do in your marriage is talk badly about your spouse in front of other people. Most CERTAINLY you shouldn’t talk badly about your spouse on Facebook, Twitter or for heaven’s sake a blog!!


Am I the only one married to a…. how should I say it….. “searching challenged” spouse?

Let me explain. There are many mornings where Ryan is leaving for work running around looking for his keys, watch, wallet, etc. and I tell him to look in a place I last say that particular thing. He goes, he looks, he comes back and says “it isn’t there”. I go, I look, I come back with the keys, watch, wallet that he JUST looked for.

Tonight my mom called and said she was missing her robe and slippers and had she left them at our house (I was out of town with Coke in Atlanta and she stayed here to help out- more on that next week). I was coming home from visiting my new nephew in the hospital (more on that next week) and called home to ask Ryan to look in the car to see if she had left them there.

He went, he looked and reported that they weren’t in the car. When I got home I went in the car, looked in the same spot and there a bag sat with my mom’s robe and slippers. I literally started laughing and asked Ryan how he possibly missed them. He said, “you told me to look for a robe and slippers, not a bag.”


Oh babe. Thankfully there are a million other things you do right. And thankfully you married such a rock star wife who keeps all your ducks in a row (still waiting on that humility thing……).


  1. Haha! I think almost all men are like this. I have to be super specific with my hubby, like “it’s on the second shelf, on the right, behind such and such”. To say “look in the cabinet” would blow his mind. I tease him about what he ever did before we got married, because clearly he must have been a basket case. ;)
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  2. Me, laughing and gesturing to my husband to look at the screen: you would do this.
    Luke, reading solemnly to himself. ….. nothing.
    I read aloud the line about not looking for a bag.
    Luke (dryly): I don’t see how that’s egregious at all. that is exactly what i would do
    me: SEE! ha!
    Luke: and I think it’s perfectly reasonable.
    …. so. one of us thought it was funny. The other of us thinks women should specify is something is in a bag or not. Usually i just go look for things myself, I can’t describe with the proper specificity where things are. “i need that, erm, thing. You know, the thingy. It’s over there, in the cabinet. … grr, out of my way”

  3. Oh my…I can totally relate!! Just last week, I drove my daughter back to the soccer field because my husband said she left her water bottle there [“he checked in the car and under the seats”]. I got there, searched the field…nothing. Checked under the seats [all of them] and whalah. Ugh…lol!! :) He’s pretty awesome though, so I guess I’ll look past this flaw ;)

  4. SO funny! My Husband is the exact same way — he can’t find anything without me. I guess it stands to reason that there is something nice about always being needed, although aggravating at the same time.

  5. Um yes. And sadly he has passed the trait on to his boy children… who would be bit by their toy/water/blanket if it was a snake because it’s practically under their feet and they can’t see it!
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  6. My husband is brilliant and has about a million wonderful qualities. That beign said, he cannot find a “missing” item to save his life. The other day asked him to go into the attic and bring down the container (right by the entrance) marked “Kellie–Maternity”. He couldn’t find it because he was looking for a sign on the container, rather than a label.

    His wonderful grandmother told me once “if you need to find something, ask a woman”.
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  7. I agree with your beginning and can relate to the searching too. I am the one who knows where things are at all times, even when I don’t know. ;)
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