Allergies, Eyeballs and Visine-A

Of all the bummers of gene pool roulette, I am super thankful I don’t deal with allergies. Well with one caveat. When I am pregnant I somehow manage to suffer from all of my husband’s seasonal allergies. And I usually spend large portions of my pregnancy asking him incredulously, “Is this how you feel all the time???!!!!” Suddenly I am much more sympathetic to his plight.

Allergy season is just starting in Michigan. In fact when I looked up the current pollen forecast this morning, this loveliness greeted me.

allergy forecast

Since my hubby is the allergy sufferer in my house I thought I would let him share a bit about his experiences with seasonal allergies and allergies to cats. See if you can relate (and since 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies, I am going to assume many of you will).

Have you ever seen a picture from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s of people strolling in parks, with men wearing full suits and women wearing huge dresses and carrying parasols? You know what the caption of those pictures should read? “People…sweating their asses off.” I’m pretty sure any of them would have strangled someone for a window air conditioner, had they known of their existence or had the power outlets to support them. I’m not one to romanticize the past. While our culture may daydream about more romantic, cordial, and safer past times, there’s something to be said for air conditioning, smart phones, all-wheel drive, and flushable wipes.

Perhaps the most personally impactful advances in my life have been good allergy treatments. Life as a kid with allergies in the seventies and eighties was awful. I remember countless nights as a kid trying to sleep on my left side to try and create any sort of drainage out of my totally-clogged right nostril (or vice versa). I remember scratching my eyes until they started to sting and putting cold wash cloths on them to reduce the inflammation. And there were really no good over-the-counter medicines. The pills either did nothing or completely knocked you out (anyone remember taking accidentally taking one of those old-school antihistamines during the day? Nope, me neither. Zzzz). Eye drops provide some relief, for approximately two minutes until the allergies waged a counter-attack. It was enough to almost make you dread the end of a Michigan winter (and that’s saying a lot).


I’m glad those days are long gone. Today, modern antihistamines work wonders, and I recently discovered Visine-A, which unlike most drops, has its own antihistamine and provides quick and consistent relief. No more constant scratching of my eyes or sitting in business meetings looking like I’d just watched the end of Forest Gump. And since I’m now at the age where my kids have inherited my allergies, I’m thankful that they can now get through the day and get a good night’s sleep without all of that suffering. If only I could take some of this stuff back to the eighties and trade it for some of those baseball cards and Star Wars action figures I’ve lost along the way.

Because I am an amazing wife who has large amount empathy for her husband OR more likely because writing this post and reading his post gave me some sort of bizarre sympathy allergies, I had an allergic reaction today to something and one of my eyes took the brunt of it. Seriously! Redness, that feeling of sandpaper in my eyes, itching. I rushed home and used the Visine-A and within a couple of minutes all was well. It was seriously amazing.

red eye

But check out this a few minutes later:

Eye Collage

This is kind of committed blogger that I am. Taking gross close up pictures of my eye for your enjoyment.

Visine-A and The Motherhood will be hosting a Twitter party Thursday, May 8, at noon ET (11a CT / 9a PT). You will learn more about combating seasonal allergies and how to deal with those awful symptoms. And of course there will be lots of prizes. You can learn more and RSVP here: http://twtvite.com/visine

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Visine-A and The Motherhood. Bizarre allergic reactions are just a bonus. 

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