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TILT This isn’t the first time I have talked about loving Aldi. But I have found an even better reason for loving Aldi. And it is spelled W. I. N. E.

The hubby and I love wine. And I would love to say we are connoisseurs, but frankly except for the insanely cheap wine in a box, we pretty much like most anything. We are known to hunt for the best cheap wine, cross our fingers and hope for deliciousness. We rarely strike out.

So when I discovered I could get an award winning wine from Aldi for under $5 I was beyond excited. Tis the season of holiday parties and a bottle of wine is the perfect hostess gift. It is also the season of entertaining and I don’t want to mortgage the house to pay for the wine. So Aldi has come to my rescue.

Their wine department has a pretty decent selection when you consider the size and scope of the store. And I came out with five bottles for under $25. Not to shabby. And they didn’t taste too shabby either. I would not have sampled a single one and called it cheap.

But in all the years I have shopped at Aldi for staples like spices, sugar and nuts, I never realized how many things they had for entertaining. I am a sucker for cheese and crackers. I found brie, goat cheese, Havarti and fancy table crackers for a fraction of what they would have cost at the grocery store. Add in some very well priced dried fruit and I have a gorgeous cheese platter.

I may have taken a gander at their holiday dessert section. Mini cheesecakes, turtle pie, cream puffs and a cheesecake sampler? This stuff all looked completely gourmet, but the cost was so reasonable. I also found some delicious truffles that would also make a wonderful hostess or teacher’s gift.

I bought so much stuff for entertaining any my bill was barely over $50. Including all that wine! I just would never have thought of Aldi for entertaining until Mom Central offered me a chance to check it out. Don’t underestimate what you can find there simply because you have to pay for a cart and a bag. I think you too will be VERY pleasantly surprised by what you might find for your next party.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ALDI and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review. Then again asking me to shop for wine and chocolate isn’t really a hard sell. As always all opinions are mine.

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  1. I love Aldi! Ours has WAY better (and cheaper) produce than Walmart, where I buy the rest of my groceries. The end. But I love Aldi. And also? I call it “Aldi’s” which is completely wrong but what I do.
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  2. Ah, bummer! Ours doesn’t sell wine. I’m going to protest next time I’m there. ;)

    It’s funny the things you like to buy at certain stores. For me, I like to buy my frozen chicken breasts (because they’re so cheap), the graham crackers (price and flavor), cran raisins, and potatoes at Aldi, just to name a few. I have also bought plants, jackets, toys (presents), and a Halloween costume (which remains the best made one I’ve ever gotten). And one of the cashier’s called me a regular. LOL Love that place!
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  3. We used to love to get wine (and Irish cream) at Aldi when we live in IN. Sadly, CT Aldis do NOT sell alcohol of any kind. :( So… when we spent Thanksgiving visiting my in-laws in Indiana this year, one of our stops was Aldi and we picked up a case of wine. We sure did.

  4. My friends go to Aldi all the time. I really should give it a try. I’ve only been once, and was a bit disappointed that the prices didn’t beat Meijer sale prices for the things that were on my list. Then again, I hate grocery shopping so I try to go as little as possible and not think about it too much :-)
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  5. Christie says:

    I just learned that Aldi is the parent company of Trader Joe’s. Or maybe it’s the other way around. But they’re related. That makes sense then they Aldi would have great, cheap wine. Since TJ’s does, too. I’ve yet to step foot into an Aldi because they intimidate me with their pay for your cart and bag game, but if I can handle paying for a bag at IKEA, then I can handle it at Aldi.
    Thanks–You’ve just helped me figure out my one achievable New Year’s Resolution: Shop at Aldi at least once. :)

  6. Well, which wine was it? I tried one Aldi wine and it was a fail, but it may have just been the variety I picked.

  7. Meagan says:

    Love, love, love Aldi! In addition to great products and great prices, they have amazing customer service. A few weeks ago, I happened to talk to the regional manager visiting my local store and I mentioned that I was concerned that most of the child restraint snaps on the carts had broken. He said he would take care of it, and two weeks later ALL the carts had new child safety straps on them. And just yesterday, I opened a package of stew meat and discovered it had gone bad. The manager on duty gave me another package of meat and also replaced my 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup since I had to discard it after it touched the bad meat. Aldi is my primary destination for grocery shopping!

  8. I haven’t tried Aldi wine…but I’ll be looking for that! I like their trail mixes.

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