After School Snacks So Yummy Your Kids Won’t Realize They’re Healthy

Check out Healthy After School Snacks

by Jill Shepherd Anderson at Foodie.com

My kids come home from school every day with the same refrain. “WE’RE STARVING!!” I know they need a snack, but don’t want to fill them full of junk so they don’t eat supper. Sure I can go spend a bunch of time and money at the store finding something in the healthy genre, but it really isn’t hard to make my own snacks and have them on hand.

I put together this compilation of healthy snacks over on Foodie (have you checked it out yet? LOVE) and can’t wait to get some made up to get us started this school year. I might even get crazy and let my kids make some themselves.

What do you like to serve your kids after school?

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Healthy After School Snacks

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