A Weekend With the Sisterchicks


photo courtesy of Amanda

Mandi, Staci, Christine, me, Amanda, Becky, Tricia and Jessie

(we missed you Mary and Jen)

I just got home from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta. Remember a while back when I told you that I was going to be heading out to Atlanta to meet up with some of my absolute favorite bloggy friends? Oh, it was just what the doctor ordered. We laughed so much, ate entirely too much, slept entirely too little and basically, I loved every single second of it (well except for the few times Amanda seemed determined to kill me with her driving).

The absolutely crazy thing is this. This is the second time we have all been together. The last time was nearly a year ago at Blissdom. Yet we get together and it is like the most natural thing in the world. Well for me anyway, I feel like I have known these ladies forever. I can’t believe how we all just fit together. Also, they laugh at my jokes. So that is just golden.

In all seriousness, I haven’t always been so great with the female friendships. Frankly, the typical cattiness just isn’t for me. But these women are amazing. And I know that God brought them in my life to fill a hole. It doesn’t matter that we don’t all live together or see each other much. They are just my people. I miss them already.


  1. I have never been very good at female friendships either; mainly because I cannot handle the drama and feeling like I really can’t truly trust these people that are supposed to be “my people”. Going to Bloggy Boot Camp last year in Baltimore really changed my life, and I met ladies that I truly felt I was meant to meet. I believe the Lord definitely called me to attend that conference so he could show me that this path I’m on with my blog is heading in the right direction, heading towards His plan for me. I just got my ticket to Blissdom! I can’t wait to meet all these amazing women that have filled my heart with so much joy, so much hope…and TONS of laughter! Thank you for sharing your #sisterchicks meet up with us. It reiterates my reasons why this community is for me! And I love your bangs, by the way! I haven’t seen them yet :)
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  3. *sniff* *sniff* … looking forward to January!

  4. oh amanda says:


  5. oh amanda says:

    {{Do you see the restraint I had in not commenting on your driving jab?}}
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  6. First of all, who is the blonde chick sporting some hot bangs? Oh, that’d be you! Secondly, I always wonder about this; if woman all hate cattiness & female drama (and let’s face it, we all dislike it) can’t we just hit a stop button and choose to live our lives differently? I was the girl who hung out with guys all through high school and college and am now just hitting my stride with some really awesome girlfriends. However, I sometimes wonder if my attitude of being above all that “girl stuff” was just as much to blame as their drama. Just my thoughts …
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  7. My thoughts exactly! It’s amazing to me that we’ve only all been together twice. That shows it’s truly a GOD thing!

    Can’t wait till January!
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  8. Aw! What fun! You look amazing, by the way! ;) Missed you ladies at Relevant, but I’m sure you had a blast together!!
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