A Week of Firsts and Lasts


As I told you yesterday it is Lily’s birthday. So as I write this I am counting down the last few hours as the mother of a seven year old. It is bittersweet watching your children grow older. I love seeing who they are becoming but I am watching time fly by and know the moments are fleeting.

It is also OFFICIALLY the last week of summer. We have been flirting with fall for weeks and I have even worn a sweater one day. But this weekend I will be moving the summer stuff to the guest room closet and breaking out the sweaters for the long haul. Fall is my most favorite season of the year and I love sweater weather. But I am always sad to see summer go because winters here are looooooooooong.

Now for the firsts. I have been a mom for nearly eight years. In that eight years we have had bumps and bruises and goose eggs. But we have never had stitches. Until yesterday. Silas tripped going into the house and hit his head on the brick corner. If you have ever seen a head wound you know they bleed A TON. Thankfully I knew that so I wasn’t too scared by the blood but my poor baby’s perfect little forehead was going to be scarred.

But my boy apparently has his mommy’s pain threshold. As we drove to the doctor’s office he sat quietly in his seat holding a paper towel to his head. And when we got there he happily played with the toys while blood slowly dripped off his forehead. Then he got three stitches, get this, he barely whimpered. And then two seconds later his face lit up because he got a cheap plastic tiger as a reward for his pain. There is a lesson in there somewhere, but I am too tired to figure out what it is.

Hannah is thriving in her first year of school. She has a glow about her every morning when I drop her off at school and it hasn’t faded one bit when I pick her up. She also decided to try her hand (foot?) at soccer. I must admit my expectations were low. Lily’s idea of playing soccer the one season she tried was doing everything within her power to avoid the ball. But Hannah is really taking to it. And last weekend she scored not one, but two goals. Unfortunately Ryan and I were out of town at a wedding and missed it, but thankfully we saw video and got an enthusiastic recap over the phone. I love watching each child find their talents  and experience success.

And we ended the night with a first and a last all wrapped up into one. We surprised Lily with an early birthday present and took her to get her ears pierced. Her face when she saw her earrings in her ears for the first time was totally priceless. She has been patiently waiting and I must say as a parent, some things are worth making your kids wait for. Things we wait for are so much sweeter.

This isn’t a profound post. It isn’t even that witty of a post. And honestly this post isn’t for you as much as it is for me. Sometimes you just blog to remember the sweet moments that make up life.


  1. Sometimes blogging for the memories is the best reason! Hope your kiddo’s head heals up fine!
    And my parents made me wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced… mostly because my mom was a wuss! My dad had to convince her to get hers done at 30 because he wanted to be able to buy her pretty earrings!!! ;) I do think that some waiting is perfectly fine though!
    Krista recently posted…18 MonthsMy Profile

  2. You should definitely look into getting a “letterbook” to document all of your favorite moments! I think that you and your husband would love the couples version… go to the Treasured Passages website and see for yourself! You would probably love their blog too.

    Hope the little one feels well soon!
    xo, Bree

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