A thanksgiving lesson from Lily

pilgrim.jpg Apparently today in preschool Lily learned about Thanksgiving. Which would explain why she asked me today,

“Mommy, when you and Daddy went to England were you allowed to praise Jesus?”

Confused I said, “What do you mean sweetie?”

She said, “Well, in England, the pilgrims couldn’t praise Jesus the way they wanted to so they left.”

I explained that while that was true a long time ago, now people in England can in fact praise Jesus any time they want. I then told her that there are still places in the world where people can’t worship God without getting in trouble. Her response…

“Like California?”

I was speechless.


  1. kerry says:

    Too funny.

  2. So hysterically funny!

  3. The wisdom of children!
    But it’s sad, isn’t it? She’s not too far from being right.

  4. Out of the mouths of babes! How funny! Love it when they say funny things like this. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. Love it! Hugs

  5. SAHMmy Says says:

    That’s one smart cookie you’ve got there! Sometimes it does indeed feel that way–though I’m firmly planted in the Bible Belt of California we’ve still got more than our share of uber-liberal-unless-you-disagree-with-their-ideas-then-you’re-evil dippy hippies here :)

  6. That is hilarious! My almost three year is starting to say things that leave me in fits of laughter or speechless as well. Love it!

  7. someone give the girl a mic! funny!

  8. Summer says:


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