A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

So if you didn’t catch this post in my weekly roundup last weekend I am sure you caught in on Facebook or Twitter. It. was. everywhere! There is a reason that post went viral. It is because Girl Was Speaking The TRUTH! I know many of you are already done with your school years. But here in Michigan we are limping to the finish line.

Last Friday we piled in the car to head to school after a slightly frazzled morning. But we were out the door quite early and I was so very proud of myself. Take that end of the year school mom!!

We were seconds from school (so close!!) when Hannah BURST into tears from the back seat. Hysterical tears. I assumed her sister had done something wicked to her (this is not remotely unusual sadly) until I heard Hannah wail, “I forgot my shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Like PE shoes? Like special shoes for weird shoe day? Like clogs for some sort of Holland dance days????

Um no. Like she is sitting in the back seat of the car on her way to school completely barefoot. Insert inappropriate language in front of children. Although thankfully that only occurred inside my brain.

So I quickly dropped Lily off at school and turned around to head home and get Hannah some shoes. We were halfway back home when she piped up again from the back seat. “You know I have P.E. first thing in the morning. Maybe I could just wear my P.E. shoes.” FOR THE LOVE OF PETE why didn’t you mention this 5 minutes ago?

Second turn around in a parking lot and headed back to school. As I am halfway back to school my phone rings and it is Lily calling from school. “I need my recorder today for a concert. And I forgot it at home.”

Then I blacked out from pounding my head on the steering wheel.

I replied some version of “You’re out of luck missy” and kept on towards school. Where I dropped off my dear middle child to shuffle BAREFOOT into the building. The building where my oldest child sat waiting to play her imaginary recorder during her concert. Mom of the year.

Three and a half more days and we can stick a fork in this year. Cause I am done.

title blatantly ripped off from one of our favorite books


  1. Have I mentioned that I love your new blog? Because I do.

    Also – YES I can so relate!!!
    Rachel – A Southern Fairytale recently posted…Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 4}My Profile

  2. At that point I think I’d be the mean mom… yeah, it’s your responsibility to wear shoes/bring your instrument so I’m not making a second trip for it! :)
    We have this week and half of next left and I am so done waking babies up to pick up the kinder kid. Hooray for the school bus next year!
    Krista recently posted…Imagine…My Profile

  3. Yikes — that does NOT sound like a fun morning. :-(
    Michelle recently posted…Do you make your own?My Profile

  4. I love your line about blacking out from banging you head on the steering wheel! I can so picture it, with my head anyway… ;) I hope this morning was MUCH better. Hang on, school is almost out! :)

  5. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the worst school mom ever. I am already dreading Libbie going to school because we will have to leave the house every day. And get up! And get ready! Curses.
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…Menu Plan Monday Returns!My Profile

  6. Brittney says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh out loud a little bit. Hope your day improved!

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