A Summer of KidVentures

In Michigan we endure awful winters. And this one was particularly brutal and never ending. But last week spring arrived. Actually it feels more like we skipped spring and went to summer, but who cares. The point is, the sun is out, it stopped raining and snowing, and I can actually feel my toes again.

Since we crossed the line into the 70s we have been outside every moment we can. My kids have biked up and down our sidewalks more times than I can count. We have been to the park. We have worn a path from the back door to the swing set. Spring. Is. On.

I have never been a bucket list kind of person. I am more of a person who pins other people’s bucket list and then does nothing with it. But this summer. THIS is the summer of the bucket list.  Except I’m not writing it. My awesome friend Jen wrote it for me.

KidVentures-300x250 KidVentures is part e-book, part bucket list, all awesome. In general I’m not a big fan of the e-book. I have found exactly two to be helpful and just haven’t embraced them like many have. But this one I know I will use.

Jen is a seasoned mom. She has quadruplet boys. Let that sink in a minute. Then let it sink in that I have met her boys and they are adorable, polite and well behaved. We should all just sit at her feet and soak up some parenting wisdom. Plus she is just one of the most humble, encouraging, hilarious friends I have found in this wild world of blogging.

So I completely trust that when Jen sets out to write an ebook about how to create outdoor adventures with your kids, this girl knows what she is talking about. I have had a chance to read KidVentures and it is everything I expected it to be. Brilliant.

The refrain you can hear me singing the most during the summer is, “get outside!!” But this summer I will not just be sitting on the sidelines watching my kids play. This summer I will be creating fun memories working my way through this book with my kiddos. Unlike ebooks and bucket lists of the pasts, I have a feeling this baby is going to get USED.

I can’t wait to get started. Everything in this book is easy, affordable and harkens back to ye olden days when we left our homes on a summer morning and didn’t come home until our moms called us for supper. She has even created a clever chart with each activity so you can find the best ones to suit your summer. Fear not non crafty, non-boy raising, non-camping under the stars kind of mommas (raising my hand).

This book is for every mama, grandma, aunt (and dad, grandpa, uncle). This book is for anyone with a kid to love and entertain this summer. Did I mention I can’t wait?

So what say you? Are you ready for some KidVentures?




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  1. Jill, I have no words for your kind words. Thank you for expressing my passion behind this book so well. So thankful for your faithful friendship. xxoo
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