A Simple Reminder

It seems like this week has been filled with those moments. Those moments when you are out in public and you feel like the absolute worst mom in the stores. The kids are talking too loud. Complaining and whining too much. Begging for everything in sight. Running up and down aisles playing hide and seek with no adult supervision (I mean I see that thing happening with other people’s children and felt the need to comment on it….).

But three/ four (foster baby) kids in, I am much more relaxed about the zoo that is us going out in public. I mean it is a spectacle. But I am semi- secure enough as a mom to not let it get to me as much. Today I got all insane and took all four kids downtown to ArtPrize. Clearly only a crazy person would do that.

On Tuesday we tackled Costco. I parked and had a very crabby three year old already whining when I opened the door. An older gentleman had just pulled into the spot next to me and smiled at me saying I had an energetic bunch. I waited for a comment about having my hands full or a passive aggressive comment to my kids about behaving. But instead he just said, “I miss those days with my kids. Enjoy them.”

I know these comments drive some moms crazy, but I have grown to love them. I love the little reminders to relish the mundane and even the frustrating. They remind me that I really do have the best job in the world raising these crazy kiddos. I mean, no doubt, they are often crazy. But they are my crazy, and I love them.

I especially loved the reminder today when my kids were acting like uncaged animals in Target and a woman told me how wonderful they are. I looked at her like “REALLY????” She smiled back and said, “I have seven of my own.” Yowza. Thanks for reminding me that four is MORE than plenty.

God bless you mom of seven. If I ever see you in a parking lot with your brood of seven you will get more than a smile and a “awww….. cherish these days.” You will get a large bottle of wine and a crate of chocolates.

And I will simply remember to cherish these moments as they fly by.


  1. Mary B says:

    They do. And the crazy just gets different :) Mine are 17, 14 & 11 and we can still make a spectacle in a store. It’s just that mom is joining them.
    The days go so fast! Glad you can see the special moments!

  2. Not sure I have anything to add, just wanted to say I liked this post :)
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