A Simple Prayer Request

prayer3 There have been seven so far. And with every one, they creep a little closer to my house. No one has been hurt. Well at least physically, but everyone’s sense of stability and safety has been damaged. There is an arsonist in my neighborhood.

We moved to our city from Chicago. Evanston to be exact and we lived in a  nasty neighborhood. A nice street in a nasty neighborhood. We didn’t walk much, always kept our wits about us if we came home late at night and got used to sirens in the night. But here, we live in a neighborhood marked by kids playing in the street, old ladies walking their dogs and local college students walking home from school.

Admittedly the neighborhood directly south of my house is dotted with lower rent duplexes and apartments and that is where the fires began. And so although, we were shocked, it didn’t really seem like it was “my neighborhood”. It was concerning, but I didn’t really feel that affected. And then after 6 fires, there was a 17 day lull. So although we still slept with the window open, we were sleeping rather peacefully.

But then another fire. This one much closer than the ones before. Literally five houses from a friend of mine. Sirens in the middle of the night. News trucks in the middle of the day. Emails from the neighborhood watch telling us to be even more vigilant. We have been lighting up the outside of our house every night, but today we installed a smoke detector in the garage and put a baby monitor out there. Oh and did I mention that all of the fires have taken place in garages and the hubby and my bedroom is right above the garage?

So we are walking the line of not letting our young children know what is going on, but making sure they know what to do in a fire. And walking the line of not living in fear, but being prepared. It is a tricky line, but one that is necessary or we would go insane with “what ifs”. So if you are a praying soul, will you pray for our neighborhood? Pray that this disturbed individual would either change his ways of be caught. Pray that no one will get hurt. And specifically pray for our family’s safety.

I will definitely keep you all posted. And thank you.


  1. God bless you and keep you all! and i hope they catch that sicko…

  2. Oh my goodness I hope all is ok. Praying.
    Adventures In Babywearing recently posted…A favorite photo from this weekendMy Profile

  3. I’ve been hearing about this on the news. Very scary. Praying for your safety.
    Mommie Daze recently posted…Kymaro Beauty Products GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Jill – you guys are in my heart tonight!
    Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama recently posted…Sunday reflections from GuatemalaMy Profile

  5. I remember reading about that and haven’t heard anything in a while so I figured it was taken care of.

    Praying for you and everyone in the area. I hope this person gets caught without any other casualties. I can’t imagine living with this stress and worry.

    Hugs and love to you.
    samantha jo campen recently posted…Things i notice when i’m home sickMy Profile

  6. Amy T. says:

    You’ve got it. Take care and try to rest easy.

  7. How scary. Will definitely be praying for your safety & for the arsonist.
    Johanna @ These Prices recently posted…Why I Love What I DoMy Profile

  8. Holy crow, Jill! Praying now.
    Heather recently posted…Again and AgainMy Profile

  9. definitely praying about this. living in fear is a horrible feeling. lots and lots of prayers.
    Katie recently posted…Mommys First VlogMy Profile

  10. Praying for safety and protection for your family- God bless!
    ali @ an ordinary mom recently posted…We Could Have Missed It AllMy Profile

  11. I’ll be praying. I have friends that live in that neighborhood and it is so scary!

  12. Cat from iBlog says:

    How horrible. Praying for you and the other families around you. Yes, please keep us posted! XO, cat

  13. Phoebe says:

    Praying! Did you know that this last one was #8? Yes…. eight. We’re frightened too. However, it was neat for our family to hear the testimony of this last victim. God is growing us all for sure! Thanks for asking for prayers from all over the world for our little community!

  14. Wow, so scary. There was a rash like this in Seattle last spring or winter… but they were targeting businesses not homes. :( I will definitely be praying for you and everyone there.

  15. I had heard about the fires, and have thought about you guys. I had no idea there was another one!

  16. Definitely praying!
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  17. Wow. I’m praying for your safety and that this person or persons will be stopped!
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  18. Yikes!! Praying for your safety!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…The Kankles are a-comin’My Profile

  19. You can add me to the list of those praying!

  20. I can’t stand it when people put fear in us like this. I’m sorry your family and neighborhood are going through this. Prayers being sent up now…

  21. oh wow, praying for you! I think the smoke detector & baby monitor in the garage are really smart moves.

  22. Grandma Patty Ann says:

    I will put you in my loving pocket and pray for you, your family, the neighborhood and the poor soul that has these issues.

    I love you and hope that your life can be peaceful and calm again soon.

    Love, Grandma Patty Ann
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  23. I will pray for you all and the safety of your family and neighbors.
    Kristy recently posted…10 months!My Profile

  24. Wow! How very scary! I will definitely say a prayer for you personally right now – for strength, calmness of mind, and wisdom. And also will pray that the person is caught right away!!
    Mandy recently posted…Mysterious WaysMy Profile

  25. Theresa says:

    O.K. I prayed for your safety and of course that the purp or purps are caught and come to know the Lord. Then I said Amen.

    Then before I could post this I had to pray again and ask God to give you the Peace that passes all understanding. Remember the Devil has no authority over you. You do not have to live in fear!

  26. Oh my. I am so sorry that you even have to be stricken w/this fear. Fires scare me to death. I feel fortunate that we have a sprinkler system installed in our ceiling… Oregon law I guess.

    I am keeping you guys in my prayers.
    Amanda {Enchanting Havoc} recently posted…Blog Hoppin over to The Winey Mommy!My Profile

  27. Wow, I commented when your first posted this, but I wanted to let you know that this happened in my neighborhood two nights ago… literally right around the corner from my house! I live on the NE side of town in Cheshire Village. The family that it happened to has 4 small children. It is a total loss of a garage and both vehicles.
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